Investment Project for Devices for Protection of Electric AC Motors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Fundamentally new, optimal, efficient, reliable and affordable multi-purpose protection of induction motors and electric services to households, oil and gas industry.

Implementation and release of such protective devices will provide a variety of industries and households new protection, and will replace traditional morally obsolescent equipment based on thermal and relay protection. In this case, will be implemented the following benefits compared to traditional equipment:
• Energy efficiency (energy consumption 80-90% lower than the best safety devices, working on current transformers.
• Large (80 ... 90%) reduction in maintenance costs
• Super Long life of products - over 100 thousand hours, or more than 11 years of continuous operation. This term is comparable with the life cycle of most electric motors.
• High level of fire and electrical safety - due to the protective device in pulsed mode (standby mode).
• High reliability and mechanical strength - thanks to a fireproof housing, and a simple circuit configuration.
• Compact and easy installation - thanks to the installation of shields directly next to the magnetic actuator.
• Ability to coordinate the power circuit breaker with a capacity of electric motor trimmer for every phase in the most protected mode.
• Unlimited difference of the breaker and electric engine to power will be coordinated through the defense, and is guaranteed to turn off a magnetic starter of the electric engine when it is malfunction.

The aim of the project is serial production of new energy-efficient and effective safety devices for single and three phase electric motors
significantly superior to all currently existing security devices.

Significant potential market capacity is only in Moscow and the Moscow region, which allows to predict the stable functioning of the enterprise, because with the planned volume of production the needs of the market share will be ensured each year and will not exceed a few percent, which will have a constant demand and orders for the proposed production, and thereby increase of production volumes, stable pay a decent wage and make appropriate deductions for taxes.
Note that in the share of equipment, high quality protective devices account at about 40 - 50% of the total consumer market. There are 3 main sectors of consumer protection - the industrial sector, the commercial (public) sector and the residential sector.

Geography of sales - Russia, CIS and foreign countries.
In regards for production of products we will create a sales team. Now there is a correspondence with wholesale companies, and household companies. According to our market research the demand for quality protection is from 30 to 50% in all segments of the Russian market.
Additional information of the project is in the attached file.

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