Production of Rare Earth and Precious Metals from Waste Steel

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Investment Opportunity

The project solves the problem of waste processing steel mills to produce rare earth metals, precious metals and solar poly silicon (a raw material for solar cells).

The amount needed is 2500000 $. We are looking to attract an angel investor. Investment period is of 24 months.

GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT OUR TECHNOLOGY - The technology incorporated most successful in the world today the decision of the production of ferrous, nonferrous, rare metals and preparation of nuclear fuel as pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical processing, and our radically new method.

On our technology extracted all the metals that are in the raw material for one cycle in the form individual metal powders. According to the known technology today - only one metal or more. Even the processing of "poor" (% contents of individual metals in raw materials), but the "rich" (in terms of different metals in the feed) for this technology – it to super production.

For example, aluminum production (in Compared with the conventional technology on the principle of Faraday) in our technology more attractive than from the salt melt. Aluminum can receive from any aluminum-containing raw materials (including industrial waste) with much less energy consumption, multifunctional.

On our technology cleaner production – no fluoride emissions, degradation products of anode paste and dusting supply of raw materials in the cell, causing severe disease.

Technology saves electrical energy and resources, all reagents are regenerated and reused, virtually no emissions and waste. In some cases, depending on geological conditions of occurrence natural resources, possibly underground leaching (extraction) metals without excavation and rock material breach of integrity earth's surface. After many years of accumulated research and systematized information on reserves of ore, silica, chemistry of natural and man-made regional raw materials using data geolkomov Kuzbass, Khakassia, Tuva, a number of institutions and others from the standpoint of business.

Brief essence technology - selective non-waste production of a comprehensive kinds of metals from raw materials for one cycle in the form of individual energy-ultrafine metal crystals with a purity more than 99,9%. Cost not more than $ 270 per ton, regardless of the form allocated to the metal. Possible options for the production of filamentous crystals and so-called "small particles" with special properties, as well as metals of high purity. Any mineral metal-containing raw materials consist of metals and non-metals (Metalloids), various minerals, soluble and insoluble various solvents. In our case, all the metals are transferred to solution in any sequence are extracted, and from the insoluble conventional acids silicate residue (sand) in the form of silicon dioxide, diopside, etc. depending on the feedstock used, after washing produced commercial powder. Silicate residue feedstock in the form of commodity powder at a cost of $ 4 per ton can be used in concrete, glass, ceramics, production of semiconductor silicon, etc.

Thus, the raw material (ore, industrial waste) can be used non-waste.

APPLICATION - in metallurgy total and low-temperature powder with give a strong and lightweight technical details (because energy saturation and filamentary metals produced) machinery, aircraft, electronics and catalysis. Whiskers and small metal particles "(used for example in aircraft stealth-type" Stels ") may be used in Spetstekhnologia. This nanotechnology. Metals in high purity alternative energy, such as environmentally safe receipt high-purity silicon metal with a lower cost for solar panels. For example, it is advantageous to obtain a direct separation of metals from two commercial concentrates our neighbors Sora Molybdenum Combine Khakassia, avoiding complex and expensive production stages in Chelyabinsk - molybdenum, copper, tin, rhenium, osmium, lead, silver, gold ......... etc., which are in concentrates. There are prerequisites for applying the method in studies on the hydrogen motor fuel.

The technology - the project is recommended as an alternative highly profitable model of balanced use of mineral minerals and waste already accumulated tonnage of industrial waste, and the key output from the state of environmental crisis.

Genuine investors that are interested in this proposal can contact us directly on Merar.

Use of financing

We are interested in venture financing from angel investors or private investors.

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