Export Gold from Sierra Leone to Dubai at 0% Import Taxes

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I am aiming to become the biggest exporter of gold from Sierra Leone by starting with a small amount of product of 1-2kg gold Bar to Dubai Free Trade Zone.

I need a minimum capital of $50,000 USD and a Maximum capital of $100,000 USD to start buying gold from Sierra Leone and sell it in Dubai gold Market.

The good idea about this project is I am going to make good profit turnover at the end of each transaction. Now this is the business plan I am buying the gold from the village for $42,000 USD per and I am paying an export duty Taxes of 5% of the current LBMA world market price.

And i am going to sell the gold in Dubai for $50,000 USD per kilo and make a profit turnover of $8,000 and my flight fee is $1,500 for Ticket fare and I will stay in Dubai for Two days after business complete and return back to my country to buy more gold. And at the end of each kg i will make something like $5,000 USD per week and $20,000 monthly and i will make $240,000 USD yearly.

The opportunity for investors to invest in this project is because the more money you invest the more profit margins you can accept at every week sales.

Present gold business in the hottest trade in Dubai and in the world as whole, I have travel to Dubai and study and do some feasibility study with the gold market in Dubai.

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