200 Business Ideas and Inventions a Day!

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I can come out with 200 business ideas and inventions a day, and I have 12+ years of experience in a company helping it generating and patenting ideas. My intention is to start an initial website where people can post, buy and sell ideas, like EBay for ideas. I also plan to launch many other websites to nurture ideas and then sell them off to potential companies.

I am well verse in coming up with business ideas and inventions, mostly in the field of IT, and I had worked in companies which needed me to give them ideas in temrs of technology and business for patent. I had certification in brainstorming and can come out with new ideas.

Proposal Summary:

I'm 36 yrs old. I am very well trained in generating business ideas and inventions in technologies. I had worked in a company which needed me to constantly provide it with ideas for patents. I can bring 200 new ideas in one day and the ideas are not simple ones but profitable ones. I am looking for someone who can help me start a business in giving ideas to existing businesses and for research and development.

I have 12+ years of experience in the IT industry and have started my own business before. Now I want to start a company that sells ideas. The idea includes a website to let others access, auction and bid for ideas. Companies and individuals can bid for ideas and people with ideas can come and post them for auction. It's like Ebay for ideas.


The Marketing can be done in Youtube and Ebay. For example, I plan to do a video advertisement in Youtube in manga style and post advertisement in Ebay by posting like a sale of an item. I can write a short description of the website to let people know us at Ebay. Regarding the Youtube video, I will hire an animation company to do a short animation with a short theme, and will get the short manga featured on Youtube. Other online marketing will include posting advertisements at popular websites. I will also prepare leaflets to distribute to the public. To promote the website, I will also offer lucky draws. I also plan to send around information about the business to all the companies in Singapore to let them know of our business.

Management Team:

My family can run the business with me, my brother has many years working experience as a sales manager and I also have experience in running a business, as I started my own company in the past. My mother also has her own business and can advise me on how to proceed with the start up. This will be a family run business.


The investor can look at 15% return every month, once this business goes on track in year 1.

Competitive Advantage

There are currently no websites for selling and buying of ideas. At the same time Intelluctual Property will be the next big thing in the market. Everyone has a idea and if you can earn money for that it will be great.

Rationale for the deal

Everyone has an idea, and this website can prove to be a money earning portal for all people who wants to sell an idea. Intelluctual Property will be the next hit in 5 years to come.

Use of financing

I will use the funding for setting up the website and mostly for marketing the idea.

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