Platform Helping Users Achieve Personal Health Is Looking for Funding

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

TriumphPoint is a platform that lets you achieve your health & wealth goals by tapping into the power of your community.

The problem:

It’s hard to achieve personal goals on your own.
1. It's tough to stay motivated by yourself – community support/peer pressure is crucial.
2. Sometimes you don’t have the funds to achieve your goals
• People want to help their friends out, but with social capital & support, not actual money – it’s awkward.
• There's no easy way to raise capital from your peer group

The solution:

TriumphPoint: A platform that lets you tap into your community to achieve your goals.

How it works:
1. Set goals
• State goal
• State product/service to use for achieving goal
• State plan
• State an offer in exchange for sponsorship
• State a guarantee you’ll do if you don’t achieve your goal
• State # of “triumph” points needed to get started
• Donate to a charity to back your goal

2. Share
• Share with friends on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+)
• Friends can purchase points or earn them by performing a micro-task, watch an ad, sign up to free or paid advertisers’ offer
• Friends then sponsor points to your goal(no real cash needed!)
• Friends get social award for doing so
3. Achieve
• When target is reached, cash out points & begin working towards your goal
• Update, track progress & share with your community, who can push and keep you encouraged and motivated
• When you achieve your goal and your donors agree, you earn a social award for being a Triumpher!

Technology/Product Benefits:

★ Easy to donate - Members can earn triumph points to gift by doing a micro-task, answering a survey, watching a commercial, signing up to advertisers’ offers. These points can then be converted once they’re donated. Effortless social funding!
★ Keeps you motivated - TriumphPoint will utilize game mechanics, like social awards, a leaderboard, and a reputation system, to help the community recognize and encourage positive behavior to keep people motivated
★ Turn goodwill into goods - Redeem social awards for real stuff
★ Get relevant deals - Targeted ad platform based specifically on a user’s goal
Target Market:

Self-help is a massive consumer product segment, ranging from anti-smoking aids to weight-loss programs. Millions of people struggle with personal problems and spends $11B/year in US and in excess of $486B/year globally on self-improvement, health and wealth products/services.

Financial Projections:

Total projected revenue in 36 mths:
Total projected expenses in 36 mths: $1,801,628

Project timeline and more detailed financial projections are to be found in the attachment.

Competitive Advantage

While various motivational/goal-setting platforms exist, nothing on the market also allows users to raise funds from their community in a frictionless manner.

TriumphPoint competitive advantage:
• Sponsoring your friend without a penny out your pocket
• Game Mechanics to engage users
• Philanthropy (Ability to donate to charity)
• Advertising targeted directly at specific goals

Rationale for the deal

Our business model:

★ 5% trans fee from each successful sponsorship and others.
★ Advertisers can sponsor or brand social awards
★ Adscaptcha – Decaptcher service using ads
★ Skimlinks – Content monetization
★ Affiliate commissions and advertising on newsletters and daily deals API
★ Generate and sell user content participation report
★ Job listing fee
★ App listing fee
★ Groupon affiliate commissions
★ Annual trade shows

We make money when our users make progress.
By creating a great product that gets users motivated to solve their problems and help one another, we can capture a chunk of the $486B self-betterment market.

Use of financing

We are raising $50000 pre-seed round to meet Phase 1+2 milestones: prototype website + marketing
Website development: $30,000
Marketing: $10,000
Hosting/subscriptions: $10,000

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