High-End Event Venue on Unique Event Super-Yacht in Singapore

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Singapore Singapore
  • Industry: Tourism, Recreation
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $4,600,000 / min. $4,600,000
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

A high profit and unique venue within the corporate and private events market in Singapore, one of the most dynamic economy in Asia. IRR = 74%; NPV (rate 30%) = US$ 5,800,000


Le Majestic yacht will be the only luxury, commercial, large corporate and private events super-yacht in Singapore.

Her 133 feet (40 meters) will be able to welcome parties from 30 to 500 guests + on her two panoramic sea view open decks of 4000 Sq. Feet, fully air-conditioned, in the highest standard of luxury.

It will be the only event super-yacht in Singapore allowed to celebrate official wedding solemnisations on board.

Refer to document attached "Le Majestic Yacht brochure"


Le Majestic will target two market segments:

- Corporate events: seminars & conventions, product launches, cocktails, buffet cruises, 5* meal cruises, galas, etc.
- Private parties: weddings, birthday parties, gatherings.

Le Majestic will reach these markets through selected agents among the 452 Event Organizers & 106 Wedding Planners.

Le Majestic will be also promoted by ‘Yacht brokers’ for day charters.

The price strategy adopted is positioned towards the middle range and high end of the market, allowing Le Majestic to compete with land venues.

Market Opportunity

Singapore is ‘Top International Meetings City’, for the third consecutive year, ahead of 1,653 cities.

23 000 corporate events and 26 000 weddings have been organized in Singapore, during the year 2010. (Singapore Government statistics).

Singapore Government has made MICE industry (Meeting Incentive Corporate Entertainment) the key element in the tourism industry by developing long term politic strategies to keep Singapore the world number one destination for this market.

7000 Multi-national companies have chosen Singapore as Asian base.

There are 2257 luxury boutiques representing the most famous world brands in Singapore.

558 professional event organizers and wedding planners are operating in Singapore, seeking for opportunities to express theimselves.

Geographically, Singapore has a well developed sea connection with extremely protected water territories all year long, under an equatorial climate that offers 365 days of pure business opportunities.

Singapore has the highest life standard in South East Asia and one of the highest ones in the world.

Singapore shows the most intensive world economic development (14% GDP growth in 2010).

MPA (Maritime Port Authority of Singapore), welcomed the project of Le Majestic as the ‘unique boat in Singapore without any competition’.

Management & strategy

Le Majestic’s Managing Director has 15 years' experience in the yachting industry and has been involved in 3 similar business projects in Europe & the Caribbean so far.

Since early 2010, he has been working on a precise strategy to approach this market with the largest marketing impact and the highest return on investment.

Involving his large professional network, he conceptualized this ‘turnkey’ project with a very strict technical & financial control, from the construction of the ship to the entire operation.

If you are interested investors, please contact us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantages:
There are two types of actors on the event market in Singapore:

- Hotel & professional venues
- Ship, boat & Yachts

What advantages has "Le Majestic", compared to :
* Hotels & Professional Venues
- Unique venue
- Competitive prices
- Same flexibility for events between 100 <> 150pax

* Yachts / Boats / Ships
- None comparable capacity with over 250 pax
- 4000 Sq. Feet panoramic decks
- All guest area with full outdoor air-conditioning
- Much more flexibility & option to fit with client demand
- Similar or lower prices than most competitors
- A more attractive image
- The only yacht strictly specialised & designed for events
- Professional tools for events (walk-in cold room, 500sqft galley, restroom ladies & gent)
- The only yacht to celebrate wedding solemnisation
- The only new construction yacht for this market.

Rationale for the deal

Business scheme:
Le Majestic project promoter has carefully studied ‘Yacht de Paris’ and other American companies that are references on the market of luxury corporate and private events charter in Europe and in USA.
In parallel, the project promoter studied the particularity of Singapore market, to optimize Le Majestic product on the market.
Refer to:
- http://entreprises.yachtsdeparis.fr/
- http://valiantyachtcharters.com

Use of financing

Key figure:
Le Majestic is a S$ 5,800,000 equity compagny, based in Singapore.

The expected return on investment is:
IRR = 64%
NPV (rate 22%) = US$ 7,200,000

Refer to docuent attached "11 years financial forecast"
A full detailed business plan is available on demand.

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