Unique Travel Membership Program

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have developed a unique travel membership program for individuals and corporates providing high value at a low yearly subscription.

This is a new business having recently acquired exclusive rights for a global travel loyalty program.

The business has a strong and growing membership and provides a unique opportunity to expand into the Asian market. The business is seeking a financial investor and preferably and open to an active partner to join in this exciting venture and share in the success.

The concept is well proven and we have developed an interesting and compelling value proposition for the individual and corporate traveler.

Competitive Advantage

High value, low cost and high utility.
Unique combination of products and services in an all in one program.

Rationale for the deal

We have negotiated and made arrangements with recognised partners to build a membership program offering revenue streams through:
- Membership subscriptions
- Transaction revenues
- Product commissions

Each component is well established and proven showing market acceptance and we have an opportunity to build a program and make it available to a combined existing customer base of over 2 million members.

Use of financing

Sales and sales acceleration.
Some product development.

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