12% Returns Yearly 2.5 Years Period Every 6 Months Coupons Payout

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

-Principal Guaranteed upon maturity
-Interest Guaranteed at 12% per annum
-Coupons Payout every 6 months
-Short duration of 2.5 years

Key Features of the fixed term Investment 1:

- Principal Guaranteed upon maturity
- Interest Guaranteed at 12% per annum
- No GST
- No Platform Fee
- No Sales charge
- Capital Gain is Non-Taxable
- Coupons Payout every 6 months
- Short duration of 2.5 years
- Transferrable
- Early Termination options available
- Options of 6 months or 1 Year available as well

Key Features of the Flexible Investment 2:

- Principal Guaranteed upon maturity
- No lock in period or maturity
- Can withdraw funds anytime
- Step up interest of
o Year 1
o 1.6% every 3 months
o 1.8% every 3 months
o 2% every 3 months
o 2.2% last 3 months
o Year 2
o 2.2% every 3 months.

- No Platform Fee
- No Sales charge
- Capital Gain is Non-Taxable
- Coupons Payout every 3 months

Competitive Advantage

Оur company uses a different approach towards the market after analysing needs of the people and goals of the people.
Big banks and big corporate MNC are offering bonds, shares , REITs, Investments at all very low returns ranging from 1%-maximum 8% with a average lock in period of 3-5 years and no coupons payout. Payout is only at maturity.

Our company now offers a 12% yearly returns, with every 6 months coupons rate with a short term of only 2.5 years.

More flexible duration and shorter term are available as well like 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year, but of course the interest will be less attractive then our major key selling product of the 2.5 years 12% yearly with a total of 30% in 2.5 years.

Use of financing

The funds form the security deposit of the Forex Trading platform with the sole intent of generating profits through high frequency of placement commission collection, and foreign exchange spread, and will not be subjected to market/foreign exchange risk.

Investors can enjoy a peace of mind with guaranteed capital and returns upon maturity.

Opportunity for the investor

12% yearly
2.5 years duration
every 6 months coupon payout
principal guaranteed upon maturity
interest guaranteed and fixed with no hidden charges, sales charge or platform fee.

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