Sea Food Processing Project in Somaliland Looking for Investment

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Fish processing project in North Somalia in the Gulf of Aden, at the Berbera see port. The purpose of the project is to establish fishing industry in that region.

The project at the current stage requires performance of a feasibility study through a specialized consulting firm, which will take 3 months or more. Once the study is completed we will be looking for another round of funding to start the operations.

The business will include:

• Vessels
• Storage area / land
• Seafood processing plant

Legalization and license are not difficult to acquire and could be completed shortly

The market demand locally, regionally and international is very high.

Competitive Advantage

There is no other sea food processing company in the region which means there are no competitors.

Use of financing

The seed stage funding is needed for performing a feasibility study.

The implementation stage will require heavy investment, could go for couple of millions - the feasibility study will give us the exact figures.

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