Financial Broker Business Opportunity in Sri Lanka - 35% ROI

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The proposed business plan is to set up an outsourced BPO project for a financial broker company based in UK. Where we could return 35-40% profit for our investors.

Online trading attract lots of client all over the globe due the large volume turnover and rapid market movement. The proposed setup however will mainly focus on south Asian region.

Online trading in South Asia is getting very popular in present and would like to let you know that many companies have set up outsourced companies to handle south Asian clients.

Current Situation
At present more than 15 major financial broker companies have set up offices in the South Asian region to handle the clients. Studies done by us shows that this will only increase due to the large demand.

Our goal is to ensure our company to rank one of the best brokers in south Asia.

Proposed methodology
In the initial stages we will be primarily focused on migrating our personal clients to the proposed principle. We could also minimize our marketing cost by promoting our products with our existing clients.

The business set up via two divisions:
• Sales - Sales will be focused on attracting new clients to the business.
• Retention - Responsible for retraining the existing clients and ensuring the superior support given for them.

Based on our structure and experience we could safely say that this business will give a return back with a three month period, where we could return 35-40% profit for our investors. Details could be provided in further discussion.

Use of financing

Initially financing will be used for:
• Leasehold improvements
• Equipment (IT Infrastructure)
• Furniture and fixtures
• Legal and accounting fees
• Rent deposits
• Utility deposits
• Licenses
• Salaries
• Rent (on business property)

Opportunity for the investor

This is a big opportunity, especially given slackness in every other sector.
We can earn good profit on our investment daily without limit. An exact income cannot be forecasted, as the income depends on various factors.
However a "minimum" of 5-6 % of investment could be paid out commencing from First month of the business.

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