Private Fishing Factory for Processed Packed Fish is Seeking Finance

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Malualarop fishing factory is a private company that will be dealing in processing and selling of processed packed fish.

To ensure unique and high quality processed packed fish for better human consumption and so quality services to our customers as well as keeping environment clean.

The company mission is to ensure provision of better quality processed fish with that aim of positively promoting fishing industry in the country South Sudan.

Market Aspects
The major targets customers of malualarop fishing factory Limited, is intended to faster retail sales to ultimate customers in long run, the company plans to capture the increasing population in the country and as well as East and Central Africa.

Management Aspects
The prominent business entrepreneurs Mr. Michael Malek Dut and Mr. Babyenda Johnson who are widely endowed whit managerial experience and skills will be heading the company.

Malualarop fishing company is seeking the financial help of 650,000 US dollars to enable it start in its operation. Where by the founders will contribute 20% of this capital in terms of land assets and remain 80% will be from sponsor willing to sponsor the project and NGO’s.

The finance is to enable this business acquire the requisite capital for takeoff this amount will cover office space building vehicles which are refrigerators, water vessels like boats, communication, transport, office equipments, advertising and suppliers.

Social, Economic And Environmental Benefits
Providing people in the area with employment opportunities which will enable them raise their standards of living.

Promoting the fishing industry in South Sudan, with the aim of eradicating poverty house hold.

The business will also develop the country economically through tax which will be paid to the tax authorities and other legal fees as stipulated by the registrar of companies.

Investors can freely contact us for more information on Merar. We have uploaded detailed business plan for review.

Use of financing

Malualarop Fishing is seeking for the finance of 650,000 US Dollars to enable it begin its operation whereby the initiators will contribute 20% of this capital computed in terms of assets like land mad reaming 80% will be from the sponsors and NGO’s who could wish to sponsor this company.

The finance is to enable the company acquire the requisite capital for start off. This money will cover purchasing office equipments, processing machines, refrigerated vehicles, used for transporting fish to the company premises advertising, construction of buildings, selling costs and communication.

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