Capital Management Consultancy is Looking for Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Capital Management Consultancy is looking for expansion capital to grow its business.

The shareholders wish to raise the needed funds by inviting selected interested investors to participate in any of the options below depending on their risk assesment and preference:

- Buying issued ordinary shares. Shares are being sold at E20, 000.00 per share. Minimum number of shares 25 while maximum is 49. Return will be based on dividents on profit and company's ability to pay dividents. Buyers will have agreed voting and ownership rights to the extent of their shareholding. Not more than three new shareholders are prefered under this option.

A seller / buyer and shareholders agreement would have to be put in place.

- Pure Investment / Loan for an agreed monthly or quarterly return over three to five years.

MInimum E 50,000.00 at a rate of return one and a half times or double the annual interest rate on Swaziland Building Society Permanent shares depending on the amount invested / loaned.

An investment / Loan agreement would have to be drawn up.

The purpose of the funding is to expand the selling capability of the company especially software sales, training, outsourcing and stationery sales.

We need to train and hire staff to increase the current five - refer to organogram 5.0 below.

We also need to go into bigger premisses to enable us offer training services properly.

Capital Management Consultancy has plans to open up branches in Lusaka, Zambia, and Nelspruit/Witbank Mpumalanga which can only be achieved if more staff is hired and trained to allow the current director time to focus on growing the brand.

Below is selected information about the company in the form of a company profile, management accounts as at 30 June 2011 (auditied accounts are not ready), services offered by the company, and the envisaged staffing required to achieve the companies goals.

Capital management is one of less that three companies in Swaziland that offers our kind of services.

Investors are welcome to do due diligence and ask for information to enable them make sound investment decisions.

Established in 1993 initially as a business advisory and consultancy services company, Capitala Management Consultancy now specializes in consulting, sales, installations training ans support of accounting and payroll software to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Genuine investors can contact us on Merar. Business plan is available for download.

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