Renewable Energy Power Plant Investment Projects in Thailand

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We would like to start Power Plant Projects to produce Renewable Energy for the rural area in Thailand. The projects include a Solar Power Plant, a Hydro Power Plant, and a Biomass Power Plant. Some areas in Thailand that are located far from the city don’t have electricity yet. We would like to get a Fund which will enables us to start producing electricity for these areas. The Fund should support us for 10 years at low interest. The current proposal is about the Solar Plant Project.

Our Business Concept

Electricity is the basic energy that is vital to the economic and social activities of each Country around the world. Currently, Thailand uses more than 100,000 Million kWh per year, mostly produced from Fossil Fuel which must be imported from abroad. In addition to the costly foreign currency payments of more than 5 Billion Baht (Approx. 166.67 Million USD) per year, the downside is that Fossil Fuel causes pollution problems. Furthermore, the price of Fossil Fuel is likely much higher due to political problems and limited quantities.

Solar energy has high potential of renewable energy because it is abundant in supply. Countries located in the latitude 30 ° N and 30 ° S such as Thailand have solar radiation higher than the other regions of the world. Throughout the last 25 there have been great developmental technologies of Solar Power Generation both in Solar Cell (PV) and Solar Thermal Process.

Solar Thermal Power Plant Technology is the technology our Company has selected for our Project Proposal. Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) and combining it with the ORC Turbine Power Generation System for low temperature and low pressure operations, this type of ORC Turbine Technology for production of electricity at low speeds, low temperature and low pressure is suitable for power generation plants of sizes from 1 to 10 MW. This technology is different from larger systems that use the Steam Turbine, which is the technology that operates at high speed, high temperature and high pressure. These steam turbine systems are for larger power generating plants that start from 50 MW. These larger plants have a higher maintenance schedule and require full time engineer specialists to oversee the power plant operations. The selection of quality performance systems will require very minimal maintenance and specialist requirements which in turn, reduce the cost greatly over a short period of time. This system, with over 2 decades of successful operations in the USA, Spain, Germany, Israel, and many other Countries, requires very little know how to operate and maintain this system.

ROI of this project will be more than 15%, and payback period will be 7 years.

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