Thailand's First English Speaking Comedy Program

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are a legally registered company in Thailand seeking funds for Thailand's first English speaking Comedy program. Pattaya Entertainment presently publishes a four color magazine with a solid account base which allows for Sponsorship and revenue in this comedy project.

We are initially aiming to produce a 1-2 hour Comedy show on local Television that will merge already proven comedic YouTube and "homegrown" Comedy. Presently there are 4 local programs that present local news and non interesting aspects of the local community to Tourists and Ex-Pats. Our research has indicated that the audience is showing major signs of non interest and frustration with these channels and are looking for something more entertaining.

Pattaya is located 1 1/2 hours from Bangkok and enjoys a thriving entertainment scene that because of social reform policies has become increasingly difficult to maneuver. However, a clean Comedy driven program will allow for branding as well as potential to expand either to other markets in Thailand with the same produced content or to expand to include a comedy venue that presents Stand Up Comedy with cross marketing towards the channel. The opposite also applies. Those who enjoy the channel will also be customers for the Comedy Club.

A Saturday Night Live style show will be presented both on the channel and if the opportunity is created, in the club as well.

An amount of $102,000 is required for Writing Staff and production with a 20% return on the principal investment within a 24 month period. A 20% ownership in the Channel with a first right of refusal for investment in the club will also be given to the "right" Investor. Active or passive involvement are options within this well thought out project.

We are currently in the programming stage and need funds for Writers and in studio production on the home grown comedic skits.

This is a project that truly will be "the Microsoft of Entertainment" in this Thai market.

I have been living and working in the Publishing industry sucessfully in Thailand for over 15 years, speak the local language and am well learned in what is acceptable and what is not in this market. Also, because of my long history here, I have already secured businesses to Sponsor advertising spots in the project based on a comedy concept.

Competitive Advantage

Presently, local TV only presents boring subjects to both the Tourist and Ex-Pat living here. In addition, a strong base of accounts already generating revenue through our Publishing Company allows for fast profitability. Once a 4 month schedule of production is realized, this same material can be either looped over again on the show and / or used in other local markets.

Rationale for the deal

The Social reform of the country allows for those Investors who are sensitive and respectful of the local culture a solid operating platform. Clean, progressive entertainment is is short supply in a city that starves for entertainment. We will merge both English and the local language in the form of language sub titles to include the local and Foreign market equally.

Time proven comedic templates already exist in other countries and Thailand allows for much more creative license when someone understands the nuances involved.

The relatively small investment for the nature of the project, allows for quick performance and builds confidence with those involved and will allow for other investment opportunities should there be interest to do so.

Use of financing

Funding will be used for Staff and production of a program that will allow for a minimum one year viewing. This same content can be looped and added to for the local or other markets that exist in Thailand. There is also opportunity that exists on allowing skits to be shown on YouTube and other Internet platforms for profit.

Looking for similar investment opportunities