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Bangkok Natural Healing International (BNHI) will build a project on a 110,400 Sq.M. land in Ubon Ratchathani-Thailand with 60 million Baht total investment. (3 phases). With benchmarking standards in training, products, and service provided. Furthermore, to manufacture and produce herb products that meets international standards in health care.

Bangkok Natural Healing International, Co, Ltd (BNHI) is a Thai and foreign owned company which has been operated for over 2 years in Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) industry. BNHI is planning to build one of its kind projects at the province of Ubon Ratchathani, one of the major cities in North-Eastern Thailand with a border next to Lao and Cambodia.

This unique project will consist of organic farms, homestay accommodation, factory to produce Organic & GMP FDA approved Herbs/Supplements, an institute providing trainings in various CAMS, and one of the kind wellness CAM hospital. The purpose of this business plan is to gather a total investment of 60 million Baht to complete this project. Shares will be divided into 500,000 Baht each as a minimum investment; with a maximum limit of 10 million Baht for each investor.

With the nature of business to build total CAM solutions, it could serve many different market segment and needs. In many parts of the world now, CAM is one of the fastest growing fields in healthcare and is more widely used today than ever before.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that between 65 to 80 percent of the world's population (about 3 billion people) rely on CAM as their primary form of health care. With the growth of CAM reception and the market demand for alternative healing methodologies and products around the world, this project will be serving many clients domestically and internationally. This project is projected to make profit within the first year of the business, along with significant growth in the second and third year.

Phase 1 - 30mln Baht - Month 1 > 15 : Land, Organic Farm, Factory, Accomodation
Phase 2 - 10mln Baht - Month 13 > 17 : Institute
Phase 3 - 20mln Baht - Month 17 > 24 : Hospital

Total revenue of the first year is projected at about 15 million Baht.
With the opening of the hospital during the second year and expansion of Herbs/Supplement lines, revenues is expected to increase significantly to about 40 million Baht in the second year and about 50 million Baht in the third year.

Likewise, Net Profit Margin is projected to rise from 7.69% during the first year to 13.71% and 20.37% for the latter year; hence creating a net profit of about 10 million baht on the third year. Similarly, Return on Investment increases year by year; with just about 2% in the first year to 9% in the second year and 16.8% during the third year. Variable cost remains an average of 26%, while fix cost slightly increase, but still remain very stable after two years with enough capacity to generate higher income. Also with low monthly break-even of 2.5 million Baht make this project stunning even with uncontrollable factors such as economic and political problems.

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