Eastern Heritage Project

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Thailand Thailand
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $500,000,000 / min. $32,000,000

Investment Opportunity

Investor return in 3 years, value of investment $500M.

As my company: Thai Home Art & Nature Co. Ltd. “Drive Innovation to Creative Thinking and Unique Work to Join Together” http://www.teakwoodhome.com

On Ceative Industry, Outdoor and Indoor (Have AirCondition) Thai Floating Market, ModernTrade (Hypermarket,DepartmentStore,Mall)Realestate(CondoHotel), Hospitality Industry (HotelsResorts,TimesharingResorts), Sports etc.

Mr. Samphan Suewattanachai, Managing Director and Mrs. Aurampai Chaiya, my wife, Interior Design, President are in Chiangmai Thailand.

Chiangmai Thailand have friendly people, beautiful nature and environment, nice culture and tradition, cheap and delicious food, good spa and massage and others. In 2008, Chiangmai is second range of Award of Top Cities Asia from Conde’Nast Traveller magazine and Winner Best Destination in Tripadvisor’s Inaugural Travellers’ Choice Destinations Award from http://www.tripadvisor.com
Now my company has Interior Design work of 2 Hotel, Shop of furniture with our partner in Phuket. We are owner of land and house project:70 Rai in Chiangmai Thailand. We with my partner have sale to land and house: 54 plot land in Krabi.

We will have sale 200 plot land in Maetang Sub-District in Chiangmai in the next week. We are preparing to Interior Design work for Thai Fast Food Fanchise in India this week.

My vision: Now and in the future Chiangmai will be Hub in East Asia because now- 2015: the Thai government have and will have FTA with China, Korean, Japan, Asean Group, others.
Now China have lease of Land (a lot of Acre) from Laos near border of northern of Thailand near Chiangmai for City Casino same Las Vegas USA .

Line of East – West: Vietnam to Laos to Chiangmai to Maehongson to Burma (Pinmana) to India to Middle East to Europe.

Line of North- South: Japan to Korean to China to Burma to Laos to Chiangmai to Bangkok to Malaysia to Singapore to Indonesia to Brunei to Philippines to Australia to New Zealand.
This mail I will inform you that many 1-2 star hotels have down in Chiangmai and wish to sale Hotels but many 3-5 star hotels have no problem If 3-5 star Hotels have International Chain Hotel in operation.

The Rooms have been for sale 50-51 % January-June 2008.
In 2006 Chiangmai Tourism is booming! Because Chiangmai have International fairs (Plant, Garden, Flower world Fair).

And Thai Government will construction International Convention Hall for MICE Groups Touristm in 2009 in Chiangmai.

As above, Chiangmai will be Hub in East Asia then I would like persuade and looking for you and your company to invest of projects “Eastern Heritage’’ in Chiangmai Thailand.

“Eastern Heritage” will be creation same city in 500 Acre(1,270 Rai) in Chiangmai Thailand. They are big project but invest by low cost of fund and high profit, period of time pays back is about 3 years.

Investors can contact us on Merar.

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