Aviation Leasing & Finance Company in South East Asia Seeks Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

An aviation finance company in South East Asia requires a partner investor for up to $500,000 (no more) in order to win some big regional contracts.

The company's 5 founders are all experienced aviation and investment banking professionals with a combined > 60 years in finance, lending and aviation. The company is currently mandated on 8 exclusive projects, 3 of which involve government contracts that promise big revenue. In addition to the rapidly-expanding South East Asian market, the founder have just brought on an additional hire on the African continent who is one of the major players in the region, himself having worked for the United Nations where he was tasked with setting up national airlines in a number of African countries. In addition, the company will shortly take a 49% stake in a national airline in East Africa via a recently agreed deal.

The founders have poured in over $1 million to their existing businesses, which support the platform/infrastructure of the project.

The founders now seek an additional capital partner who is looking for a possible exit in either an MBO or an IPO, or who is happy to receive growing (sizeable) dividend payments every year as the company grows.

The project takes aircraft leasing and finance to the capital markets level, where it is headed during a time of marginalized banking environments.

The partners are open about the amount of equity they are putting up for sale (depending on the investor), but expect an investment of $500,000 to purchase around 25% - 30% of the enlarged company.

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