The Millenium Communication Project

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Togo Togo
  • Industry: Internet, eBusiness
  • Stage: Exit/Sale of the business
  • Investment size: $16,035,000 / min. $13,120,000

Investment Opportunity

A project in the field od VoIP communication, distribution of Internet solutions, e-banking, sales of appliances, electronic devices, and Wi-Fi mobile phones.

This project is about setting up of a company with five ranges of products. Product A is about electronic money. It will allow Togolese to have access to their gains on electronic transactions directly in physical money without passing a stressful and long process. At the same time it will allow them to fund their accounts on any electronic transaction sites in just one operation.

Product B will be the delivery of Internet access to cyber cafés, offices, and houses and even to individuals during their job journey cycle. This product will equally live way for improvement to include different product lines which could include access to Internet through Wi-Fi connection from mobiles phones.

Product C comes as complement of product B. It refers to the sales of computers and mobile phones, ear pieces and headphones, Skype phones and wide-band reception phones.

Product D is the supply of internet connection to households, individuals and businesses, with complementary advantage that it could be accessed through mobile devices anywhere.

Product E will consist of a substitution to the high cost communication offers from Togo operators that is the sales of Skype credit, phones and electronic devices. The comparative advantage will be to offer the service on monthly payment basis.

For the new company to be efficient and to have a long life cycle, it will be necessary to build strong partnership with Skype, Togotelecom and a satellite internet service provider. The project is viable in all African low economy countries with high communications costs. But for the purpose of the Test Marketing the project is focused on Togo, West Africa.

The objectives of the new company will be to disseminate Internet communication throughout the country and develop e-commerce in two years time. Be a pioneer to introduce internet mobile phone communications in Togo and drag about 40% of the market share in this same time. Following the life cycle it is possible to reach the 55% of the market share with Gorilla Attack strategy.

The project is set up around a 21st century’s necessity. It is an innovation in the existing markets in Africa. Investors may attract the support of well-established partners. There’s no need of manufacturing, the only need is the availability of resources. The total return on investment could be achieved and even exceeded within a year. The monthly profit margin could help finance some other initiatives in the country and build a consortium.

There is a need of 11,000,000 Euros for start-up and I am selling the project for 5,000,000 Euros. Notice that the investors would achieve the 140,000,000 Euros within a year.

Competitive Advantage

The project is an innovation in the existing African markets. As a first-mover we will have the opportunity to retain significant market share even after competition arises.

Rationale for the deal

Africa and particularly low economy countries lack knowledge and capacities to efficiently utilize e-money, namely liberty reserve, e-wallet, ATM and Visa cards; Pay pal, Perfect Money, Ik, skrill, Alert pay and so on. This deficiency prevents them to invest in MLM and buy market shares all over the world.

The Togolese communication market prices are high and in such a small market economy the effect on the PNB is so clear. Knowing that communication is vital in all human activities including the business activities, a large margin could be identified as competitive advantage in that sector. The same trend could be noticed in the Internet and e-commerce sector.

The communication and marketing power of the Internet as a media are not fully used in our economies due to connection problems, cultural issues and bias. These problems are those that my project is supposed to find solutions to.

The other idea that I am trying to materialize here is to establish Wi-Fi coverage all over the country which could be easily picked up by compatibles mobiles phones with 3G. Those mobile phones being on the internet will consistently be connected to Skype. This will allow users to register for Skype phone numbers to make free calls with each other, and they will even receive free calls from Skype members from all over the world. They could also send free instant messages and send sms and calls to mobile phones and fix lines at a low price with Skype premium.

Therefore, my project is a necessity and an innovation in the booming market of Internet and Telecommunications.

The project can also be implemented in some other African countries. When the project has been implemented in one location in a region this location can serve as headquarter for the whole region.

Use of financing

I need 11,000,000 Euros to implement the project and then 5,000,000 Euros to sell it.

Opportunity for the investor

The total return on investment could be achieved and even exceeded within a year.

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