Caribbean Fashion House Expansion

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This Business Plan provides a decision-making roadmap for the years 2011 – 2013 and aims to support the delivery of the specific outcomes required that will ensure HJI becomes profitable by the end of 2013 and highly profitable by the end of 2015 by virtue of its global presence.

Our Vision is to be a highly successful unique global niche business that leverages the innovative and creative design and design commercialisation talents of the internationally recognised designer, Heather Jones. Building on the international success that the original business, Heather Jones Designs (HJD), had achieved in previous years, an investment from an external party of US$ 2 million in 2010 was used to fund the establishment and development of a new highly professional business entity called Heather Jones International (HJI). By 2013 this entity will be generating close to US$ 10 million in revenues and earnings before tax and interest (EBIT) of 12.4% and close to US$ 25 million in 2015 with EBIT at 20%.

This growth will have been achieved by securing all the designs that Heather Jones has developed prior to the formation of HJI along with additional designs created by both Heather and a new pool of design talent after its formation. They will be secured in an electronic format and backed up in a secure environment to ensure their ongoing protection is assured. These designs will be used to develop a number of revenue generating streams that include non-apparel applications. HJI will have access to a pool of designs that is added to over time, not only by Heather Jones but also her creative protégés, and which is available ‘in perpetuity’. This is an essential part of the vision to ensure that the growth targets can continue to be achieved, even if the lead creative is unable to carry out her role in the medium to longer term in the event of her death or because she is incapacitated.

The product lines will range from high value one-off individually customised items through to limited run editions, larger scale production runs for specific client needs, design licensing and also the possible production and delivery of customised textiles, eco-friendly dyes, and other unique niche products that Heather Jones has developed over the years. They also include the use of designs on a pay-to-use royalty basis by third parties for an unlimited range of applications where appropriate agreements can be negotiated.

HJI will be led by a team of highly professional people with international business experience and skills in business management, marketing, customer relationship management and all the other complementary skills required that are essential for developing and managing a business that will grow to the levels projected. This team will be complemented by competent outsource providers in specialist areas to provide the complete package of skills and support necessary on the most cost-effective and efficient basis.

Our business model will be highly networked and very flexible and adaptable because it will be built upon a network of mutually beneficial alliances located in different geographic locations and in a number of key business areas including retail, manufacturing, logistics and distribution and marketing support. It will also have a global web-portal that is designed to provide the latest in leading-edge functions to connect with and satisfy client and customer needs, as well as those of a range of other key stakeholders. It will be linked in to all the relevant social networks that are an essential part of a modern fashion and creative design business. This portal will play a major role in connecting and communicating with all parties and delivering to the expectations of a wide range of parties located in widespread geographic locations internationally. The virtual component will also be closely linked to key retail partners and a limited number of flagship retail outlets in key international markets as they will become hubs not only for sales and marketing but also for logistics and distribution, an essential consideration when it comes to providing high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our vision will be achieved by adopting a highly professional well-funded approach to developing the business using the latest in technology and a global networked business model that provides the degree of flexibility and adaptability that will drive the success of HJI in tomorrow’s fashion and creative design markets.

Competitive Advantage

Please review the business plan we have uploaded on Merar. There are a lot of additional details to the investment project.

Rationale for the deal

Our mission is to achieve the following specific goals and objectives by the end of 2013:
• To have achieved or exceeded the marketing and budgetary targets in every year of operations.
• To have secured the unique and innovative creative designs developed by Heather Jones and her protégés in a comprehensive way as the primary resource source that drives HJI.
• To offer customers and clients highly customised products and creative designs with an extensive range of end-use options derived from using these unique and innovative designs.
• To have a well-designed and carefully staged market development and marketing strategy to ensure that the business grows in an orderly and well-considered way.
• To move towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable focus.
• To develop a highly experienced management team that can work together effectively and achieve the targets set for HJI.
• To have developed a modern networked business model that provides a high degree of operational flexibility and adaptability and which embraces many diverse stakeholders through the formation of mutually beneficial alliances and contractual relationships.
• To have a web portal with leading edge design and the latest in functionalities that enhances the customer, client, and stakeholder experiences.
• To achieve very high levels of customer, client, and stakeholder satisfaction.
• To develop, manage, and facilitate networks of all three in a highly professional and responsive way.
• To ensure that a strategy is in place to minimise or avoid all identifiable risks.
• To have an effective performance monitoring and evaluation system in place to ensure targets are being met and to identify and implement corrective actions if they are not.
• To deliver a high rate of return to the company’s shareholders.
• To become profitable by 2013 and highly profitable by 2015.

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