Tunisia Marble Blocks Extrct and Processing Units of Slabs

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have identified a marble quarry in Tunisia of unique colour and verities. Tunisia marble is famous in the world and of good quality.

We have plan procured 2 to 3 acres of land with marble blocks and slabs deposit and have taken 3 quarries on lease basis statutory permissions required to start with. The total extent is deposited with a sheet of marble. The deposit is just at the existing ground level and is protected from natural weathering. The sheet is with very few joints and colour variations, also no quartz deposits to be seen externally.

We are planning to work to not harm the environment in any way since there is no air, water or sound pollution. The technology has also developed in new machinery to have the maximum production with very little wastage and damaging the output. The colour is multi-colour and beige based and maybe black grey marbles is the closest match on the existing marble available in the universe. The mineral can be used for both slabs and the monument industry.

The domestic and international market is huge and is short of raw material since most of the quarries in the country are stopped. Also, there is a good demand for export to China, India and European countries. We can produce about 6000 Cu.M of rough blocks a year which is a very conservative figure. We have a plan to purchase 2 to 3 acres of land and by lease 3 quarries to start up. We need funds for buying the land, latest technology machines for developing and exploring the quarry to produce marketable marble blocks,. We need $1500000 as a finance or investment or partnership a minimum of 25% ROI can be given quarterly from the second quarter from exploration.

Our Workflow
Lease Quarry - extract blocks - export processed blocks international market / produce marble slabs for the domestic market.

Quarry 3 - process units and yard with modern technology.

Competitive Advantage

The mineral Tunisia marble identified is of very high hardness, very little porosity and the colour and texture is unique. We have competition international market from turkey and Italy but our products very reasonable price compare to others and our marble harder than others, we don't have any competition domestic market. The supply is reducing as the regulations are getting tightened and applications have increased in multi bounds. our planned latest technology very rare competition.

Rationale for the deal

As explained earlier, there is a big difference in supply and demand in the whole universe for the marble mineral. We have a very good domestic and export market for our mineral. We, the promoters of this project are Civil Engineering Graduates and one partner, graduating ventured into marble business in its quarrying, processing and other activities. The other partner served in Indian and China markets.

Use of financing

We are looking for funding to buy the land and machinery for processing units. We are buying the latest technology machinery. We are leasing the quarry.

We need this investment for six months.

Opportunity for the investor

We are looking for an investor like partner or finance. Investment and if the investor can find an international buyer or a buyer can be an investor.

To interested investors, we will provide more details and exact working plans and documents.

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