Sports Drinks and 100% Natural&healthy Juices Investment Opportunity

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our brand is 100% natural sports drinks. Our ranges will include isotonic and proteine drinks but also natural juices and smoothies.


Beverages Market in full expansion. Growth of more than 19% last year
Innovative concept and acclaimed by consumers
Local market with no competition
ROI 50%
Profitability forecasts from the end of the 2nd year of activity

The Business:

The concept behind our company is to produce 100% natural drinks intended not only for athletes who are amateurs or professionals but also for those who practice a physical activity and have a healthy lifestyle.

We will develop the formula of our product by a specialist company in Europe and those in the case of isotonic and protein drinks. Then we will market the products on the market with unbeatable prices.
The Market
Natural beverages positioned on well-being are acclaimed by urban consumers.

Our target market for the first year will be the local market, which will allow us to develop our brand image, but more importantly it is the lack or near absence of competitors in the market that is the biggest advantage, even the brands renowned like Powerade or Gatorade are not imported because of high tax which makes the price of these products unsustainable for consumers.

We will then develop our product in the markets of North Africa and in Europe then we will focus on sub-Saharan countries and the Middle East.


We signed the contracts with the development company for the formulas of the first products, as well as the branding phase, knowing that it is this same company that has a long experience in the development of drinks brands in the world that will occupy the branding and branding part, which will take a total of 4 months.

Meanwhile we will inspect the bottling line and order. Production is expected to start in 5 months.


We will base ourselves and work on the new trend of healthy and natural drinks at the same time intended for professional or amateur sportsmen but also urban consumers who are more and more adopting the healthy lifestyle.

According to our business plan we hope to reach the breakeven point at the end of the 2nd year of activity, which seems optimistic but we are convinced that our products will be very attractive given the need that the current market presents.

We hope to establish our brand in the local market and explore all possibilities in Africa, Europe or the Gulf countries.

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