Investment Project for Business Development Services

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The Services under our web site will be provided with better technologies and human resources. The company will move to their own premises in a FLAT RESIDENCE and will hire Business Development Staff and will delegate certain duties to top advisers in ISTANBUL.

The proposed Market to attract the INVESTORS to ISTANBUL is the GCC Countires. Hence, the Businesstanbul Associates will participate to the Exhibitions, Seminars and Conferances in GCC Countries and preferably either in Abu Dhabi or in Bahrain will open a permanant office other than its headquarters in ISTANBUL.Coordination between the two units will bring the success to define the best profiles in the GCC Countries to proceed to propose the best business opportunites in ISTANBUL.

In doing so, clear mandates from the Investors will enable the Businesstanbul to achieve its comprehensive role in the possible investment in ISTANBUL to yield profit to the clients.The Client will feel the necessity of the Business Development phase of each and every carefully selected tailor made projects in istanbul according to the priorities and pottential of the Investors.

Projections will be submitted to the Investors as per the changing conditions and the Investors will be directed to the alternative risk levels of Investments.

Furthermore, Investors will feel that what businesstanbul will be doing for them is necessary steps to be taken in the process of investments and Businesstanbul is the best competetitive as well as not a boring group of people who simplifies the process by keeping edges still attractive and appealing to the INVESTORS.

Using the best means of Communication Technologies but not stay cyber and invisable on the other hand respecting the time and effort of the Investors and considering their decision taking processes, Businesstanbul will keep the contact with the clients in different occasions by tele conferances and private meetings with the officals and possible business partners and media in a very effective unique way that will be described to the best possible partner of Businesstanbul.

Businesstanbul right after establishing the missing elements in its organiazation will perform one business development conferance in ISTANBUL and one in Abu Dhabi in 2011 and will earn exactly usd 1.000.000 net profit from the Sponsors and Participants attending to these 2 Events.2012 TARGET than will be to create the best business deveopment services to the clients created in this 2 Events and Businesstanbul is targeting USD 5 M net profit for the year 2012.The profesional experiences of the founder of Businesstanbul will assist in performing these results via the collaboration with the new partners of Businesstanbul.Businesstanbul demands USD 1 M for the %50 percent of the company to achieve the goals and to set up a unique independent business deveopment office in ISTANBUL with its extensions in GCC Counties.

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