Investment Project for Manage Your Mind World!

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Investment Opportunity

This personal information manager/organiser application allows you to easily capture your note, to do list, idea, task, event, bookmarking, contacts etc.

It’s note-taking tool which helps you remember anything with any online tools. It is essentially a mind archive within easy reach. The interface is simple, uncluttered and a breeze to navigate.

Most people have very busy schedules and there are dozens of things they want to remember for later, for personal and business use: notes, to do lists, emails and phone numbers of contacts, busy calendars and web bookmarks. It’s very hard to capture all of them in our minds. We want to have a quick overview of these notes from anywhere. process starts from your thoughts and you can write quickly. Then, when you click the post type button, it will be saved. If you want to monitor, edit or share all posts, it’s enough to take a look at the list on the same page.

We have started to start up project at February 2010. Private BETA test was completed July 2010. Our location is Istanbul.

Manage your mind world. Rulover your toughts, ideas, tasks and all notes. Select your life mode, capture notable things and monitor with reporting list. Easily and quickly.

Target markets
- Internet and mobile users that want to manage thair mind world. For business and personal life.
- Corporate users for project and team management and internal communication on the intranet.

- end of 2011: 2.000.000 user
- end of 2013: 6.000.000 user

We are going on development with personal equity financing.


Because, is a personal information digital archive. You know, as like personal Google. And it's a not Facebook or Twitter. But it will be private like-mind community. These communities will be used for any e-learning platform and academicians, business people.

If you are an investor, please contact us on Merar.

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