Gold Mine Project In Turkey

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Gold investment project in Turkey. Greenfield project with all the licenses cleared and ready to mine. Diamond drilling is done for the mines. Investment of USD $50 million is required for the project. We are looking for investors who can buy the mines outright.

We aim to produce high grade gold. The visible reserves in Güneyköy are about 3,751 MT and the probable reserves are 28,670 MT. The visible reserves in Balabancı village are 5,783 MT and the probable ones are 49,118 MT. The reserves in the Arsenopirit veins are approximately 18 MT. That is why it is suggested to continue the drilling works to determine the final reserves. The laboratory works should be done to find out the best processing method and the Processing Plant should be constructed. The G2 drilling works in Güneyköy are currently at 135 m and still in operation. The possible reserve calculation is interpreted regarding the Carot 12 m samples and expectations regarding the whole impact area. However, the reserve estimations are based on just one boring and examination of one carat sample with 12 m length. Therefore, the estimations of the possible reserves are probably inaccurate. The BL1 drilling-works are completed and the results of the Carot samples are soon estimated. The sections are the same as the in the G1 drilling works. The possible reserves in Güneyköy G1 numbered “drill hole” is about 3,751 MT. The possible reserves in Balabancı village BL1 numbered “drill hole” is 5,783 MT.

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