Cottage-Style Housing Project Seeks Funding to Complete Construction

Opportunity Snapshot

Draft of the Residential Complex

Investment Opportunity

Design work is completed and construction has started. Funding is needed to finalize construction of the residential and administrative/commercial buildings.

The main idea of this project is to construct a residential complex. The buildings will be of "Town House” type, and will have variable height (2-3). Each will have and own garage and parking space. The complex will have a total area of 38355 square meters. It will be located 12 km from the center of Khmelnitsky, in the village of Krasnaya Zvezda, Khmelnitsky district.

We are pleased to propose a joint venture based investment project for construction of a cottage settlement on a plot of 5 hectares. All legal documents are owned by our company.

The land plot is located 10 km from the city of Khmelnitsky, Ukraine, along the M12 motorway.

1. Project Cottage-Type "Town House"
Design work: 100% finished. We have available a working draft of the engineering infrastructure, homes, buildings, infrastructure and service exterior designs, as well as a building permit for a period up to 2018.
Construction work: We are ready with all the works on the removal of the vegetation layer of soil throughout the construction site and the breakdown of the axes. We have conducted and completed design, survey and construction work on the water intake of groundwater from the production well drilling for water supply of the residential community and have created a ready-to-use water well. The streets and roads to the site and on the site have been already paved. Further construction work is divided into two phases (2 groups of projects): (1) Residential buildings, engineering infrastructure, buildings and (2) Infrastructure serving the exterior
The main idea of this project is to finalize the construction of the residential complex.

The main technical and economic indicators are as follows:
• 5.0 hectares of land area, total area of 38355 m².
• Total area of houses: 36000 m².
• Total number of buildings: 120
• Total number of sections: 20
• Total area proposed for sale: 37700 m²

In addition to the housing area there will be a service area in the size of 2355m². It will include shopping and service center: a mini-market, a bank, a pharmacy, a tearoom, campus security room, an office building and more.

Cost per square meter (including 20% VAT and 20% income tax) of $ 400 USD. The selling price per square meter of finished cottage-type housing in Khmelnitsky is U.S. $ 1,000 according to statistics.
Total cost of the project: $15,342,000 USD.
Expected profit: $22,620,000 USD.

2. Cottage Project, Private Estate.
Land area of 5 hectares divided into 45 plots of 0.1 ha. The complex includes: individual houses, land conservation zone, water well, and the administrative center of the plot of land for commercial and service purposes.
The total area offered for sale varies depending on the built-up area of each house, from 20,000 m2 to 29,000 m2.

Cost of the maximum values of the project, including the VAT and income tax is $10,800,000 USD.
Expected profit $16,200,000 USD.

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