Shipbuiding Factory in Crimea, Ukraine

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Company is looking to sell shipbuilding factory in Feodosia, Ukraine.


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Feodosia shipbuilding company SEA is a shipyard specializing in the manufacture of high-speed ships dynamically supported (hydrofoils, hovercraft, in the cavity, planning), pleasure yachts and boats with hulls made of aluminium-magnesium alloy and its specialization is the largest in Ukraine.


• Superfoil-301 hydrofoil
• Evrofoyl hydrofoil
• Crimea - 6M boat
• Terra motor yacht
• Kafa 2400 high-speed boat service marine hydroplane twin-screw
• Kapha multi-speed boat in 1350, marine hydroplane with water cannon

Military Ships:
• Bison - landing ship
• Falcon - small antisubmarine ship hydrofoil
• F300 fast patrol boat
• F350 multi-purpose patrol boat
• Butterfly border patrol ship
• Neck, Neck-T - fast patrol boats
• Condor fast patrol boat
• Foros high-speed patrol boat
• Kalkan Kalkan-M water-jet cutter

• Manufacture and repair of hull structures and devices
• Manufacture of propeller shafts
• Manufacturing equipment-stabilizers.

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