Dubai Gold & Diamond Trading Company Seeking Partnership

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are a commodity trading company based in Dubai (UAE), we primarily deal in diamonds (both rough and polished) and gold.

We are seeking trustworthy suppliers.

We are a commodity trading company based in Dubai (UAE), we primarily deal in diamonds (both rough and polished) and gold.

We have sister companies in Sierra Leone for exporting rough diamonds, London for consultancy and partners in various locations dealing in other commodities such as coffee, cocoa and sugar.

We have all the necessary licenses to legally buy and export diamonds up to any value from Sierra Leone (once government taxes are covered), we can also buy gold from well known producing regions and import into Dubai under our company license.

We are mainly seeking those with direct access to the goods we trade, the potential partner can be a miner who owns the goods or an organisation looking to expand it's reach.

We are less interested in middle men or agents simply trying to sell on behalf on someone else!

We are seeking a partnership, thus, the export costs will be split and profit shared to ensure all parties are covered. We can arrange for visas to enter the countries we do business as we advise partners to be present every step of the way. We are transparent and believe in protecting ourselves and our partners.

We have been dealing in stones and gold for some time and therefore do no entertain the following:

-Agents acting on behalf of "Chiefs"
-We will not transfer funds to any account for any reason and not expect this from you
-For diamonds, we have seen a vast array of fake stones and know the tricks. We are only willing to deal with decision makers and they must be willing to oversee the entire process. In some cases visit the official government offices for the goods to be verified and taxes paid. We do not operate in private offices.
-For gold, we have seen a vast array of fake gold. We only operate in government buildings and refineries. Not private offices.

We will deal on a project by project basis, we would required KYC (know your customer) for all potential partners. We are happy to put contracts in place for specific projects/deals to ensure transparency.

Competitive Advantage

We are members of the Dubai Diamond and Gold Exchanges and have access to all companies trading.

We have built up an extensive list of buyers for both diamonds and gold and seeking trustworthy suppliers to partner with us on a project by project basis. We export on a monthly basis and have the ability to sell the product in a very short time period (rough - approximately 24-72 hours, polished 1-2 weeks depending on cut quality and carat and gold within 24-72 hours).

Use of financing

The financing will be used to cover export taxes and shipping costs. This will be a 50/50 partnership.

-Gold miner owns 10kg of gold they would like to sell
-We are engaged to enter into a partnership to sell to our network
-We agree a price with the miner, for example, $27,000 per KG
-We will have a series of meetings to prove the product and carry out KYC
-Once this process is complete we will travel to view and test the goods (at a reputable refinery), no cash will be exchanged at this point
-Once this process is complete we will enter into a temporary contact with the miner to sell the goods at the agreed price ($27,000 per KG)
-We will arrange for the goods to be transported to the relevant government body for exporting, we would not require an change of ownership but would need all the the relevant paperwork (assay ect)
-One the export taxes are calculated we will pay 50% and the owner will pay the other 50%
-The goods will be sealed
-We and the owner will fly to Dubai
-We will clear the goods through customs under our company license
-The good will be verified by customs and delivered to the refinery
-We will arrange for the buyers to meet at the refinery
-We and the owner will meet the client at the refinery to complete the deal
-The agreed price will be transferred to the owner's bank account

Opportunity for the investor

The owner can expect a full refund of export taxes before profits are shared out.

We would prefer partnerships but happy to negotiate a price to buy outright, this will be subject to KYC and checking of the goods.

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