Investor Wanted for Manufacturing of Bio-Fuel Producing Devices

Opportunity Snapshot

Biofuels Production - Investment Opportunity in UAE A first of its kind bio-fuel production technology resulting in huge cost savings. Image courtesy: Steve Jurvetson, 2007, Flickr CC.

Investment Opportunity

I am looking for an investor to start manufacturing fuel/energy producing devices. Over 10 target industries to be served have been identified.

Looking for an Investor to start the above mentioned opportunity in UAE or India. If we're about to focus in the Indian market, then the investment amount will be much lower.

I have been to Transport & Generator companies who are at the opinion that fuel-energy producing devices are the need of the hour and no such products are available so far. Also, I keep receiving feedback that demonstrates keen interest on the part of the hospitality industry. The project has unimaginable growth proportions with early expansion possibilities to the entire Middle East, Asia & Africa.

Currently, we are at market testing stage for selected industries. All products prove to result in savings to the respective industry. The results are so positive that virtually no marketing will be required for the company to attract customers.

We will be working on a rental business model for the first 2 years due to the technology being the first of its kind in the market.

Competitive Advantage

1) All products cause savings to the respective industry.
2) Early bird advantage (none in existence as yet)

Use of financing

Company Setup ............................. 18,000USD
Manufacturing Setup/Facility......... 25,000USD
6 Months Production .................... 200,000USD
Other expenses ............................ 115,000USD

Opportunity for the investor

All further details concerning the unique product & business proposal will be held in a private discussion.

Both silent and hands-on investors are welcome.

Mutually agreeable stake with full ROI in 2 years

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