Investor required with returns of 10% PA in the Advertising Sector

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Looking for a partner/investor for an Advertising firm. I have an extensive experience in the Advertising industry in the Sales / Marketing / Production.

I am searching for a good investor or a working partner who could share the expenses with me and to restart my screen printing unit and also expand it with purchasing new digital machines and restart all over again.

With regards to my plan, Iā€™m looking for an investment of USD.150,000. To be honest, I would be using USD 50,000 to pay off my backlogs which I have incurred over the last year & USD.100,000 will be used to re start the screen printing unit.
I am already well equipped with the necessary screen machines worth about USD.50,000, but would need additional support for purchase of digital machines (either HP or Roland print & cut ) for stickers and roll up stands & heat transfer machines to execute small orders of fabric printing and outdoor printing machines.
Recruitment of about 4-6 staff is a must at this stage and I am also looking to lease a 1000-1800sq foot area to run the production and office together either in Sharjah or Ajman as the running expenses would be lower compared to Dubai.
If we build this business relationship, to secure your investment you will be listed as a partner on the Trade License. We can discuss more, once you weigh your options with regards to the profit shares and returns and expansion of the organization based on investments and profitable returns.

My clientele is still the same but I am not in the position to service them all but somehow managing the office.
Initially our sales was between USD 50,000ā€“ 75,000 per month, as of today I am able to meet USD 13,500 ā€“ 9,500 per month sometimes as low as 4,800 as well. This is due to shortage of funds and also procuring the materials from local vendors, who try to cooperate most of the times but as they have their own clientele which they always would give first preference to.

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