Online Games and Tourism: Cold-arm Confrontation Simulation

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Investment Opportunity

To minimize the players’ time invested in games and maximize the players’ “array of troops for battle” in the tactical and strategic confrontation.

Based on the actual terrain, it clearly shows the roles of terrain, mountain passes and rivers in the cold-weapon era, supplemented by the introduction of historical knowledge, an increase in fun.

This project is multi-language. Currently there are Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English and German versions.

At present, it has been released in Southwest China and Europe (the historical knowledge related to the regions is to be improved upon).

Current online games require players to invest too much time and their levels are basically proportional to their time input.

Due to the lack of intellectual confrontation, it is difficult for players to get know the tactical strategy of the “array of troops for battle”.

Based on this knowledge, it is necessary to achieve a tactical and strategic game while lowering the time investment as much as possible. This game is based on actual terrain and will maximize the realization of an array of troops in ancient battles.

On the above basis, the game combines historical knowledge, the actual status of the terrain and tourism resources.

Thus, it integrates a knowledgeable, intellectual and entertaining interactive community.

In summary, the project is briefly outlined below:

1. High-definition screen;
2. True terrain;
3. Multiple types of interactions;
4. Reducing time investment in the game;
5. Puzzle game;
6. Strengthening cultural identity;
7. Learning historical knowledge;
8. Related tourism knowledge;
9. Enhancing social responsibility;
10. Improving team spirit.

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