Investment Project for Debt Settlement: Software for Lead Management

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: USA USA
  • Industry: Computer Hardware, Software
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Investment size: $25,000 / min. $25,000
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

The Software is for Debt Settlement. The software provides for Leads Management, CRM, eSignature of Contracts, Customer's Portal, Creditor's Portal.

The Product
360 DS ONLINE, as a Debt Settlement Software provides you much more than typical DSC Application. The web based system developed in robust and efficient ASP.NET technology not only optimizes your organizational operations but also significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency throughout your organization.
Which software to select is no longer a puzzle; you now have 360 DS ONLINE, the web based software which provides Debt Settlement and MORE. The all in one software has following for you.
• Leads Management
• Debt Settlement/ Net Branch Portal
• Creation of Agreement
• eSignature of Agreement
• Customer Portal
• Creditor Portal
• Portal for Referral Partner
• Lead Generators’ Portal

Out of rich functionalities of the software some of them could be mentioned as below.

• Web based, so could be used anywhere, anytime.
• Web service, which would post any lead generated from your website or your Referral Partners' website into your own Leads Database.
• Structured access for Administrator, Manager and Sales Representative.
• Dashboard to provide immediate attention to important items.
• Facility to Create/ Enrol Leads with information about Applicant and Co-Applicant.
• Feature to enter details about Accounts, Budget and ACH.
• Generation of Payment Schedule.
• Recording of activities like Email, Phone Call and Notes against each lead.
• Maintenance of detailed Activity List for the Lead.
• Feature to send Electronic Copy of Agreement in PDF format to Applicant and Co- Applicant prior to sending the contract for eSignature.
• Facility to send Contract for eSignature to Applicant and Co-Applicant. As soon as the request is sent, online eSignature accounts for Applicants are created and Login Credentials are emailed. Immediately on eSignature by Applicants, Administrator is informed for his/ her eSignature.
• Automated Email Notifications, with Quick Access Link into email for all important events of workflow.
• BlackBerry Interface which permits sending of Contract for eSignature.
• Module for Recruiter Portal using which Agreement with new Branches could be executed.
• Distinct module for Leads Management and CRM with more functions like Data Import, Export and Reports.
• User defined action items with facility for automated emails.
• Efficient Email Blasting with feature to define templates and use them later on during email sends.
• Facility to schedule and reschedule appointments.
• Maintenance of Activity List which keeps record of each activity happened on the lead, including Sales Rep. specific Activity List.
• Advanced Search facility with ability to Save Search. Saved Searches could be later on used to perform quick search of leads.
• Customer Platform which permits the customer to see his profile, send email and proposals to creditors and view counter proposal. However this happens only if permitted by DSC.DSC too can do this on behalf of Customers.
• Customer can also keep his notes, which is not visible to other parties involved.
• Integrated Activity List permits Customer to view all activities of DSC, Creditors and himself.
• Once the agreement is eSigned, customer can view the contra

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