Investment Project for Educational Services Start-up

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We will provide supplemental educational services to K12 and college students.
We need seed money to develop the web app/platform.

We have relationships with a strategic organization with a superior reputation that is already in most schools in the USA. 5 year revenues are forecast at $250 million USD.

We plan to go live January 2011.

Business Objectives for First Year of Operation

Infrastructure Development:

Development and implementation of all systems, processes, policies, procedures and tools to run each aspect of the project/business

Hire remaining Strategic Business Unit heads

Create a brand and brand identity to establish operation as a world-class online tutoring service and differentiate us from our competition.

Develop a state of the art website to provide information, generate sales and book participation in all activities.

Establish a marketing plan to exploit strategic relationships and develop marketing and sales materials and displays for conventions and conferences

Target Audience Profile:

One of the unique benefits of this project is the wide variety of potential customers and market segments we are targeting. Below is a summary of these groups:
Our main group that we will focus on is the 9-12 graders who are struggling with the math and science curriculum. These students typically need extra attention to help them concertize the concepts they are learning in the classroom. These students benefit greatly from additional tutoring outside of the classroom which helps them be better prepared for the higher level math and science classes they will typically encounter in college.

Our next area of focus will be the undergraduate college student. We have heard many stories of students repeating classes, college level algebra in particular, many times until they pass it. Our current educational system believes that college algebra is essential for students’ success and so we see an opportunity to assist college students better understand and grasp these concepts.

The third group is the 5-8 grade students. These students are preparing for middle school and high school which is typically a significant transition from elementary school into middle and high schools and for which a supplemental educational program such as tutoring can help them be much better prepared.

In a more general view our target markets will focus on the following groups:

Low Income Families: We want to help all students in need of tutoring, including those that cannot afford it. With our scholarship and financial aid programs previously mentioned we will help those students needing and wanting tutoring but do not have the means to obtain it for themselves.

School Districts: By providing teachers with free trials, we can gain their trust and increase their motivation to recommend our service to students and families. We expect that the teachers will value our service enough that they will endorse it throughout the school, making it available to all students.

The Busier Population: With traditional tutoring, the tutor and pupil have to spend time coordinating their schedules and driving to and from tutoring sessions. There are also limited available hours, and the people who are busy throughout the day have little chance of getting the help they need. We will provide tutoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accommodate even the tightest schedule.

Investors can contact us on Merar.

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