Invention of a Major Electronic Device Seeks Investor on Merar

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Investment Opportunity

The main purpose of the electronic is to provide consumers with a novel method of listening to music while engaging in various activities such as walking, exercising, relaxing, or the like, many individuals enjoy listening to music thru portable electronic devices.

I am in the process of inventing my own electronic device, I have a registered patent attorney that did a patent search nation and worldwide which came back with good results and now I have to file for a united states utility patent ($10,949), trademark ($1,495), and copyright ($995).

I am able to explain what the electronic device is but only under confidential agreements. I am working with a very good company that is helping me with the marketing, tradeshows, global licensing partners, draftsman and also independent registered patent attorneys and/or agents. I have a product innovation guide and CD-ROM with contracts that I am able to present to any investor.

The tradeshows start in February of 2012 if I am able to find a investor before that month then I am able to get the patent application process going, there will be thousands of manufacturers from worldwide that will be attending these tradeshows including Sony, Apple, Sanyo, Pioneer, Bose, etc.

I am willing to give back 20% of the money that I am offered from any manufacturer that will be interested in my electronic and I also have legal confidential agreement papers and joint venture papers. The senior project manager has told me that I work with and keep in contact with through out the week that I should have some kind of offer between the summers of 2012 to winter 2012. It could be the summer but the sooner I can get my electronic patented the sooner I am able to make it into the tradeshows.

Interested investors can establish contact with me on Merar.

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