Patent Pending Electronic Monitoring Device is Looking for Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Engineers invented an electronic monitoring device for nonviolent offenders, for tracking demented individuals, to prevent kidnapping (murder) and to monitor pets' locations. We have a trusted manufacturing site in Indianapolis for production of the device. A prototype needs funding ($250,000) to demonstrate to an existing market.

Electronic monitoring bracelet is projected to earn $3MM-11MM in 3 years in Indiana alone. ROI should exceed 1000%. Profits for the investor will be 60%. Indiana government and several sheriffs desire the device. A sheriff in a county in Indiana approached the engineers to design a needed device. The nonviolent offender pays for the device and the monitoring fee, making it free to the government.

The current device employed is cost prohibitive to be used widely. Our device is lower in cost, easier to use and has a much longer battery life. The device is based on proven technology. Other states are expected to be interested.

Competitive Advantage

Compared to competitors, our device is cheaper, easier to use and has an extended battery life. Our device should save the US government money. As soon as the prototype is completed, I can demonstrate and sell the device to sheriffs and the state government of Indiana who want to see the product.

With modifications, the device can aid in retrieving a mentally incapicated individual before danger exists, as a hidden device to track a kidnapped individual before he/she is murdered, etc. and to locate runaway pets/animals. The device is based on proven technology with a pending patent. The sooner we produce the device, the sooner we can establish a market that would be difficult to intrude. My time and energy selling the device should deter immediate competition.

Rationale for the deal

No one has entered this market with competitive advantage. It is open. I need the prototype to demonstrate and sell to an existing market. I have established the market in Indiana and expect to extend it to the entire US and globally.

Use of financing

We spent the money available to us to design the electronic monitoring device and to acquire a patent. The initial investment is needed for the prototype. Production may temporarily need assistance; but once orders are taken and the device is sold, we hope to maintain the production on devices sold. (Ideally) We want to save the government money.

We want to decrease the $$$ spent on imprisonment for nonviolent offenders and help the police force. With modifications, we want to save lives for mental incapication, kidnapping, etc. We hope to save pet owners in distress.

We need the $250,000 for the prototype immediately. If we acquire an investor as a mentor and pragmatist with experience, he/she could help with the finances and production.

Opportunity for the investor

We are seeking equity investment with 60% of the net profits going to the investor. We do not want a loan with an interest rate. A hands-on investor with experience in mentoring is needed. We want an individual to help us produce an excellent quality device that is pragmatic and profitable. A silent investor is acceptable. ROI is expected to exceed 1000%. Cooperation and compromise from the investor with good mentoring skills is expected to help with the instalment schedule. The expected IRR has not been established. The schedule of payback needs to be established. That is up for negotiation.

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