110k Acres in Wet Gas/Oil Window of Utica Looking for Reassignment

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The purpose of the funding would be to fund leases already in our portfolio or to begin an aggressive exploration and production schedule to minimize time.

I'm VP of Land and Acquisitions at an Oil & Gas Leasing Company. We currently have 110k acres under lease in the Wet Gas/ Oil region of the Utica shale play in Ohio and Wv. We currently are in the process of completing due diligence and curative and are almost complete. We have a few business plans drawn up showing either reassignment or Exploration and Production. Due to the "Ohio Title Epidemic" we have found it very labor intensive and expensive to obtain permittable acreage that can be drilled immediately following reassignment. We have carved ourselves a niche. This allows us to work as an intermediary to supply clean, clear permittable acreage at a much more reasonable cost than what is found on the secondary market. There has been an immense amount of money $10 TRILLION + in midstream investments that will allow for Worldwide distribution of not only Oil/Gas but also products like LNG, CNG, and other petrochemicals that will be produced from the cracker, fractionalization, and processing facilities that are online or coming online in the next few years This ensures no shut in while waiting for the processing capabilities to meet the production capabilities.

This is an opportunity to get into The most Prolific and Profitable Shale Play in the world, at a fraction of the cost of typical acreage from a Major E&P that are currently in the play like Exxon, Chevron, CHK, Shell, or BP to name a few. All of the pre mentioned companies set up their base of operations just across the river from us in Marrietta Ohio. This is no mistake as a lot of the processing facilities are going along the river adjacent to existing industrial complexes and transportation HUBS, allowing for easy worldwide distribution. We have 60,000 acres in the counties east and west of the processing and cracker facilities, putting us in a better position than any other company currently acquiring UTICA Wet gas/ Oil region acreage. Most of the acreage that we have in our portfolio will also allow for multiple payzone production, with proven production from 4-6 other proven oil/gas shale. This is going to ensure a very high ROR and give u the largest ROI. Range resources and Royal Dutch Shell had just completed a JV on a multiple payzone well that showed extremely encouraging numbers. The upside is huge and the downside is minuscule. I would like to show you some evaluations and projections that will show accurate assessments and realistic returns with a few different options including Exploration and Production.

Please contact me to discuss further options and the opportunity to work together on either a Reassignment or to begin development on this truly epic Shale Play.

Competitive Advantage

There are three main groups currently leasing against us. There are the Drill companies, and their affiliated leasing companies. There are Attorneys and the groups that they start "representing the landowner's interest”. And then there are Landowner groups, who through collective bargaining can negotiate favorable terms.

What separates us from the groups above are we work with the drill companies, landowners, and attorneys. But what we do is the title work and due diligence on the property in order to ensure that there is clear title and it can be permitted for drilling. If there are any title issues we then perform curative action. We do all of this on t lease and addendums that we negotiated to both protect the landowner's interest and gives the drill company a lease that allows them to be a diligent operator and drill for Oil/Gas.

The biggest problem in Ohio and Wv are in acquiring clean title acreage. Alot of the groups that are representing themselves as having 20k, or 40k or 50k acres, historically have had many uncurable title issues, thus not giving the Assignee the amount of drillable units as was represented in the beginning of the deal. This comes at a very great expense to the drill company to basically just walk away from the deal.

By us doing preliminary due diligence and taking Curative action to clear the title defects, we are basically putting a BIG bow on the package for the drill company, or end buyer, thus allowing them to begin the permitting and drilling schedule immediately following reassignment.

Rationale for the deal

With the current influx of capital coming in for midstream development, it is apparent that there are an immense amount of NGL that is going to feed not only the LNG market, but also provide for a thriving petrochemical revolution along the banks of the Ohio river with the cracker plants and ther facilities planned. Nowhere else geologically in the world can compare to the Appalacian Basin for the production of Oil/Gas, NGL. It offers diverse transportation options including, by barge, by rail, and by many multiple Pipeline options. The opportunities that lie in this prospect are incredible. No other company has the amount of quality, clear title acreage in our areas available, as we have in our portfolio. We have around 50k east and west of the proposed site for major cracker and fractionasion plants, thus allowing for maximum upside return, and minimal downside risk.

Use of financing

The capital would be used to do additional acquisitions, as well as fund acreage in our portfolio. We would then begin an aggressive E&P development plan, with the plans for 60+ proposed sites in 8 years.

Opportunity for the investor

We are offering an equity investment opportunity to interested parties.

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