Investment Project for Biofuels Production & Equipment Mfg.

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Funding to be used for producing our continuous, size selective microalgae harvesters for lease to industry competitors lacking this capability.

Time to launch manufacture and cert testing of proprietary equipment for algae production for biofuels.
"Harvesting as a Service" to generate cashflow while finalizing details for multiple planned JV's.

De-centralized algae based biofuels production model. Where production and refining occur at or near the point of use. Our target markets include commercial & military bio-jet fuel markets. Plus biodiesel for truck, train, and oceangoing cargo. Then the consumer markets with biodiesel, bio-gasoline, bio-AVgas and bio-heat home heating oil.

To divorce viability from the spot price of crude oil higher value algae products will also be produced and at the same scale for biofuels. Today, a gallon of algae oil bearing Omega-3 fatty acids sells for $200/gallon. Dried & bagged Astaxanthin bearing algae can sell for up to $12K per kilo of dried algae.

Our "sales hook" is that much of the carbon bearing biomass should be sequestered to alleviate Climate Change.

A de-centralized production model will reduce cartage losses from using fuel we must produce, to haul fuel anywhere else to basically zero. To generate the necessary 12 or so miles of pipe each acre of each facility will need require is no small trick. It is our intention to mobilize extrusion production to align the lead time for the pipe vs. the time required to build the rest of each facility.

Management will be as flat as possible to assure communication can occur quickly when needed between the individuals. There will be no ego-trippers employed by Scipio, just people "at least" demonstrating that wearing Scipio colors can make you smarter, & more competent, but not necessarily an avocation for those who are Type-A & greed driven.

Co-locating some regional offices with production facilities as facilities will be with CO2 etc. will create a regional management structure where influence is kept available locally for technicians in the Field agent to have a conduit for communications with management.

We have been and continue to evaluate personalities for the Executive anhd Board positions. We believe these positions should be filled by people with a depth of experience in technology commercialization and the relationships in place to make it happen.

We intend to expand the business as rapidly as cashflow, profits & TBD financial arrangements will support. While the specific mechanisms for reinvestment in company expansion become better understood, we too think about financing the first of many company owned & operated facilities envisioned early on.

Our vertical PBR design doesn't require an energy consuming pump for keeping the algae in healthy motion. Our harvesters are equally efficient. Each integrated design of harvester has only 1 primary moving part for a lower cost of production and higher reliability.

Key technological partners are Georg Fischer, Nano-Spas, Harvel Plastics, Twachtmann Industries, Florigen Laboratories, and Wayne-Earl Mfg.

Interested investors can sontact us on Merar for more information.

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