Cash Crops Natural Resources Producer Looking for Investment

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Once expansion is reached, more lumber will be sold for more cash, and the company plans to expand to grow and market coffee and cacao (chocolate) internationally.

The company has reached a milestone of making its first sale of natural resources. At first the company sold its first cash crop named falcata. It is a softwood timber that is planted by our farmers. The timber are already matured and sells for cash once delivered to a sawmill. Estimated volume is 1.5 mill cubic meters.

Land is huge about 64,400 acres. Furthermore the company has a biofuel technology plan using the land. The estimated cash back period is less than 6 months. It’s a great idea because there are 1.5 million cubic meters worth of primed and harvestable timber (proof can be shown through a video and picture). It is high volume and sells cash once it reaches the mill.

Also studies have shown that coffee is in high demand globally and cacao will have a global shortage due to great demand for chocolates. We all love them. And the future of biofuel as an alternative source. So the products are in demand and are practical. The opportunity for the investor is to have stock options while the company is young, the price is low. For the timber part the stage of the development is its final stage, already matured after 20 plus years.

The other crops like coffee and cacao will be planned soon. The additional funding is needed to purchase trucks. That’s it. In fact a truck can be exchanged for stock options should an investor have a truck. The trucks are needed to move woods to the sawmill.

Competitive Advantage

The advantage of the company over the competitors is simply due to the high quality of the timber. Like wine the older the better. Also due to the age of the softwood timber the diameter is big. Competitors are low quality and small diameter because their plantations are chemically altered. The diameter differences can be shown with a picture or a visit to our plantations. Other advantage is the soil quality of the big 64,000 acres of land.

This was achieved because the farmers do not overuse bad chemicals. It is mostly organic that are grown in the land. So other crops will yield high quality agricultural products that are in high global demand such as coffee and cacao. Overall the big land is fertile which will sustain the crops and sustain our advantage. It is difficult for our competitors to repeat our success because they are smaller in plantation sizes unless they combined together but their lands are not together so would be difficult for them. The farmers land is considered titled as a whole together.

Rationale for the deal

Our company is the only partner selected to joint venture with the farmers. The group of farmers own the big land that contains a fertile land that has natural resources, and can be developed to grow and market in demand products. It is big. Having a big land produces great crop yields. You make money by bringing out the crops and sell in to the market. Also we are in a sellers’ market. No need to wait if buyers will show up like other businesses, in fact we already have two buyers. Buyers are waiting for the extraction of the resources.

Use of financing

To purchase trucks to deliver goods from plantations to market. Investing a truck is welcomed. Investors can invest a truck as an option. The company has already raised the initial seed funding and already started operations. This is the last round of funding to obtain trucks to bring out millions of dollars worth of cash crops. It is just now a matter of expanding the extraction of of harvestable resources from the plantations to the local market for immediate cash. This is a unique and very lucrative investment.

Opportunity for the investor

We are looking for equity investment. At the moment each stock is priced at .50 cents per share. The company aims for dividends periodically based on the frequency of the sale. The more trucks, the more resources and crops can be sold. There are not many investors this is the opportunity, bottom line, the sharing would be bigger when more crops can be moved to the buyers and it’s dependent on the trucks. The company, permits, business plans, workers, equipment and supplies are set. Operations are continuing.

Everything can be verified. Bottom line the investor has the opportunity to squeeze in and be a part of the great opportunity before the door closes. The issue of needing more trucks because more crops needs to be brought out for more money created this last opportunity for the investor. The ROI is 2.77 more than double, less than triple after dividends and taxes. The company do not have any long term or large debts.

The ROI used is net income/total capitalization. This can be shown. This is the forecast for the first year. With 4 trucks which is the optimum and maximized extraction of the cash crops, it would take about 3 months from the date when the trucks are starting to bring out crops. It took 2 months to set the equipment, workers, supplies, fuels, and the logistics. If that is counted. 5 months, but those 2 months are already past. Investors have a chance to be hands on to see the plantations and intimately learn all about the operations.

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