Gold Mining Business in 45 Days Upon Your Company Registration

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: USA USA
  • Industry: Energy, Natural Resources, Mining
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Years in operations: 3, Employees: 10
  • Investment size: $30,000 / min. $22,000
  • ROI: 700% in 1 years
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

This is a straightforward, integrated and turnkey business program that helps the client to start in gold mining production within 45 days.

The business program is your wealth generation plan. It is well worked out to help our clients obtain wealth and richness within shorter time, and with fast return of investment in order to enjoy financial freedom.

You are being offered a productive, your own gold mining business, under my personal supervision until you have produced first five kilograms of gold.

Our company is located in Tacoma, Washington. Our bank account is with the Wells Fargo bank. That is where your first and fixed investment of US $22,000 is going to be paid in, upon the contract sign up. Let us be clear on that.

The information and description is accurate and straightforward. I can help you with your first gold mining activity. You are well guided. You will go straight to the gold production time, within only 45 days upon your company registration in the country. Your claim and mining land is free. It is going to be organized for you and it is worth at least US $100,000.

Much of previous research and resources are available for your project. You are getting more than expected. The offer is there and may soon run out.

What I am doing for our company, I can be doing for your company. Your benefits and advantages by following my path and my guidance are incomparable.

This is adventure. You must be ready for risks, mosquitoes, weather of 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit, you must be ready for rough roads, accidents, and most of all the fun. It is going to be your most pleasurable adventure you ever had.

We have signed up the contract with our local partner for the usage of the Primary Mining License. And we have got initially 11 licenses. During the next days and weeks, we have partnered with other small scale miners in Geita, Tanzania. And started producing first gold.

Today we have available over 200 mining claims that seek a new gold mining investor. We are provider of the turnkey and integrated, mentor guided program.

In this business, you may have complete control and may monitor and manage the business yourself, or you may decide to choose or to delegate the management to us. It's your decision. Most of all it is recommended that you have a complete insight into the business through our consulting and guidance service.

Profits may be substantial, but the business depends mostly on the intention and persistence of its managers. We do have the necessary amount of intention and persistence. We are here to teach you, demonstrate you, lead and guide you through the first stages of gold production until you are able to properly copy, replicate and continue such gold mining business yourself.

We have the necessary dose of intent and the necessary dose of persistence in achieving those goals. The aim is a long-term and sustainable production of gold. Earnings may be considerable, in any case, you should be able to produce several kilograms of gold per month, even with a small investment in machinery, equipment, gold recovery technology, facilities, safety, and operational costs.

Our consulting fees are paid once we have established gold production for you, and once you have been trained and have successfully understood details of the operation. Consulting and guidance in the first stage is complete once you have produced first 3 kilograms of gold, net after expenses and taxes

Competitive Advantage

- we have started first gold mining activity in Tanzania back in 2012
- we have acquired 11 licenses back in 2012
- during 2013-2014, we have negotiated more than 60 licenses
- during 2014-2016, we have negotiated more than 200 licenses
- numerous mining lands have been researched already
- mining claims are being worked on, people get actual gold on them
- gold grade is always more than 5 grams per tonne
- gold grade can be 25-30 grams per tonne
- gravel, sand and hard rocks
- equipment is provided and included, for 80 tonnes per day
- company is provided and included
- tax ID is included
- local assistants hiring is included
- local office and accommodation is included
- accommodation on the mining site is included
- no mercury or cyanide usage
- small scale mining code to be observed
- we are connected to more than 1700 people in Tanzania
- gold can be proven and evidenced before the commencement
- there are no upfront payments for gold mining licenses
- mining license is included
- financing is provided when client starts working well every day
- full financing and enlargement available upon program completion

Rationale for the deal

Much of previous research and resources are available for your project. You are getting more than expected. The offer is there and may soon run out.

Before our own mining startup, we required many months to research the best methods for the gold recovery. Negotiations and research did take some time. Negotiating the joint venture deals is not easy.

We had to invest a lot to get to the first grams of gold. And we did it.

You are not going to follow the long path to success through all the burdens of exploration, self-learning and duration. You are going to be kick-started into gold mining business within 45 days upon your company registration in the country. Yes, 45 days only.

With the knowledge and experience I have acquired, you are here to learn about the turnkey gold mining solution, so that gold production may begin within 45 days upon your company registration in the country.

Your own gold mining company could be running within 45 days from its registration. Under our consulting and guidance and management services your own gold mining company may be producing clean gold within 45 days from the day of its registration in the country.

This program is meant for beginning miners, gold prospectors or people wishing to invest into their own business or those who are already considering to begin with the gold mining business. You may be also interested in passive income from your own gold mine while being managed by ourselves.

Under our supervision, consulting, guidance and management, you are going to spend one to three months, until you have successfully produced first quantity of gold. In fact, we are making sure that you succeed. It is our responsibility that your gold production begins and that you actually produce the first quantity of gold.

That is learning process where you are following steps, reading through the documentation, understanding legal and practical aspects of the gold mining business, and train yourself in handling people and management of the project. You are being assisted throughout the beginning stage, and you may either sit down and watch what we are doing or involve yourself in the business. That is entirely up to you. We advise you to actively involve yourself.

After successful first one to three months of your learning process, you will become able to control, manage and run your own gold mine.

After you have successfully produced the first quantity of gold in your own gold mine, you will be convinced that your gold mine is giving results. Our award will be paid after you have already got profits, in fact, we are going to receive the next small quantity of gold for our company, as award for the consulting, guidance, management and initial production of gold. That is going to be one time payment in gold or equivalent amount of money, as agreed upon final contract. You are paying the consulting fee once you have obtained first results: gold.

You may decide to run your own business yourself or you may delegate the management to us. If we monitor and control, or manage your business and your own gold mine, you would be in Joint Venture with our company, and you would be receiving certain agreed.

Use of financing

This program is consulting and guidance for you. Your funds are paid to our bank account in Tacoma, Washington, with Wells Fargo. We are US company.

Funds are non-refundable and are used to provide you with the company, tax ID, office, accommodation, full mining equipment to start a small scale mining activity, and to process 80 tonnes of ores, and to cover all expenses in the stage until the gold has been found and proven on the land, including to cover expenses to train you to continue producing gold. We do not allow deviations or smart ideas, it has to be done step by step by our advice.

Opportunity for the investor

Investment amount is fixed and it is US $22,000. We provide additional privileged benefit worth US $50,000 -- that is how it works. And we also gain 2 kilograms from your first production of 5 kilograms.

Investor has to be present, or may decide for the mining company to be under our management.

Within 1-2 months, gold will be found and proven, because we have already found it on numerous lands. Those are lands and mining claims where people already work. See the pictures.

Within few months, kilograms of gold will be produced. Investor is receiving 3 kilograms of gold net after expenses, in gold or in money. That is more than US $100,000.

The next 2 kilograms are paid to us as consulting fee after the program end. After that, investor may continue managing the mining company himself.

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