Mineral Locator Technology Applicable in Large Scale Properties

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Over the years we have developed a mineral exploration unit that can find any kind of minerals such as Gold, as well as oil /gas deposit underground (subsurface).

Our exploration unit can indicate any kind of minerals / precious metals like Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum etc.; precious stones like Diamonds and Rubies; Iron Ore and Graphite, as well as Oil and Gas deposits. We are capable of identifying the location of the mineral elements such as the length, width and depth of the mineral deposits. We are capable of confirming the deposits as well as to confirm conductive or non-conductive values at the suspected target areas.

Business / Product or Service

Our company is looking to expand its potential and get locations with large deposits of minerals with options to mine or sell part of the company shares to third party/ large mining company. Our future plan is to create large and strong portfolio with listing of properties that will include minerals, and geological reports to make the property more valuable for sale in the future.

One of our goals on this research is to find an undeveloped virgin gold deposit in open land or other minerals that host over 1 million troy ounces of in-situ resources under a globally respected mineral definition standard such as NI (Natural Instrument) 43-101, JORC, or SAMREC. All this future plans will depend on our exclusive technology equipment and will be verified upon Drilling Program and the final Geologist report.

The Market

The market that we can reach with our advanced technology equipment is incredible.
Given that we can search for almost any kind of minerals underground, our market is huge. We can work or JV with variety of large mining companies, Oil and Gas Drillers, etc.

Competitive Advantage

Competition / Advantage

We have a clear technological advantage over other companies in the sector that are working on the standard technologies to find minerals. Our advanced technology saves time and money on the exploration and helps finding the right spot or location which can take years and years with traditional methods.

Our exploration solution helps us find the location even miles away from the starting point and gets us directly above the location. Once we are there we can plot the area on Google maps as log with GPS coordinates, and we can create drilling testing and employ a geologist to verify the minerals upon drilling.

Rationale for the deal

Risk / Opportunity

The greatest risks associated with our business today are that usually in mineral exploration it takes time and effort to reach the final goals. Furthermore, the final approval of the mineral will be obtained upon verification with the drilling program. We feel we can overcome these risks because of our option to scan large areas of land in short period of time. Our biggest recognized opportunity is to take large areas that will contain in the total range large amount of mineral deposits, which will then monetized.

Use of financing


We currently have confidential in-house listing of open properties in the state of Arizona and Nevada with potential of minerals such like Gold, Oil and Gas deposit with an option for Government Lease as well as strong connection with miners that have private (patented land) that they willing to sell us their properties. Once we get funded we will immediately start exploring our known locations to choose which will be the best location to take over lease or just buy and private property.

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