Rough Diamond Manufacturing Facility on the West Coast of the USA

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Investors can invest 100k min participation for 1% of the company for a total of 49%. $2.8 million are needed for equipment and real estate and start-up costs.

We will import and process (cut&polish) rough diamonds to offer them for wholesale through our sale dept electronic postings, direct sales etc. 250-300% net profit potential, within 1st yr. Additional information available upon request . NDA required.

Rationale for the deal

Diamonds are enjoying record profits.
We have been in the business over 30yrs.
One of the officers is attending GIA for Gemologist status.

Use of financing

• To purchase manufacturing equipment & rough inventory
• To raise necessary start-up capital

Only one round of financing is needed.

Opportunity for the investor

For equity funding we offer 49% of company for $2.8 million payback within 1yr to 18 months. Dividends will be paid yearly on net profit.

For debit investment $2.8 million required for 1yr to 18 months. Interest rate is debatable.

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