3 Solitude - A Feature Film

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

A feature film with major talent attached. Ties to global distribution. Amazing production team with a proven track record.

A feature film that is both intense and dramatic. It is a psychological thrill set against the backdrop of a gulf coast town. There is a horror element to the film which makes it a major money maker. This film can and will bring in our target demographic of 21 to 50 years old.

The return on your investment can be considerable and we have detailed information that we can provide upon your request. (projects@group1217.com)

You will not only be spending money into a project you will be able to see but the film industry always turns a profit. The horror and thriller genres are proven money makers and this investment could continue to turn a profit years into the future.

This project is ready to begin production as soon as the first investment is received. We have been developing it for some time. From the first day of shooting to the first day the film comes out, you should begin to see a return on your investment with in 1 year and it can be considerable.

Competitive Advantage

There has never been an approach to launching a film the way we have planned. No business has used the internet in the way we want to, which will insure our theatrical screenings will be huge.

Rationale for the deal

There is potential to do more with this then just one feature film. A sequel and internet content can bring in additional revenue.

Use of financing

The funds will be used to create the entire production independently from a studio. The size and scope of this story is enough to rival any major studio release but we have the ability to do it for a lot less.

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