Branding and Music Services Provider Looking for Funding to Expand

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

What I am providing are music composition services - creating, composing, and arranging of musical beats using pre-recorded music samples; entertainment services in the nature of music production and music engineering services in the nature of production and recording.

What is my mission?
I am looking to expand my brand and services that I am providing on a national basis leading to worldwide exposure throughout television, internet, FM radio stations, billboard ads, music conferences and etc.

What I’m requesting?
• Investment to promote my brand and services
• Proper studio workspace to conduct music services to clients and as needed equipment to get projects done
• Office workspace to conduct the business side of services (Examples: clients’ documentation, current and upcoming projects, appointments, tracking of invoices and all transactions, etc.)

Management Team & Experience:
Currently I represent myself but will hire consultants on a per project basis. Companies I have been in talks with include Imprecious Ent. Service, Lead Alliance Media Group, and Mediaworld.

With my production, I and a hip-hop/rap music group Ric-A-Che Camp based throughout Northwest Indiana had a Record Label deal offer from Dirty Game Records based in Houston, Texas (2009). The offer was $750,000 for the group, me as the Producer and 1 of 3 decision makers. I also was an artist in the group which wasn’t accepted by the group for own reasons, and a promotional contract was offered from KMEGW Lagos, Nigeria/London (2010).

Two of my tracks with an artist name Boss Major were placed on radio stations nationwide as well as in Tokyo, Japan. The songs are “New Rich” by Boss Major ft Young K and “Work” which is single by Boss Major single. A list of the radio stations that played the tracks is available upon request.

Opportunity for the investor

Offering to the investor:
Against the investment the investor will own a negotiated percentage of my production catalogue or catalogues which is copyrighted with the U.S. Copyright Office and registered with ASCAP and will get a negotiated percentage of the intended music studio hourly rates charged to artists for negotiated time frame. I have three production catalogues registered which are available upon request.

Capital Needed: $50,000
Minimum Investment: $10,000
Region: Indiana
Industry 1: Media & Publishing
Industry 2: Entertainment & Film
Investment Reason: Sales & Marketing
Business Stage: Pre-Startup/R&D
Investor Role: Any
Amount Invested: $6,000

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