Film Production Company Seeks Development Funds

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Film production company is seeking funds to to secure talent and director for film and to lock in key locations.

Our independent film and music production company in conjunction with Figure LLC will be responsible for the complete production of “Figure”, a suspense/thriller that will captivate audiences abroad and is currently being produced by up and coming Writer and Producer T. S. (All’s Faire in Love) who currently owns the screenplay. The film’s producers are currently in talks with and have expressed interest in the film from actors such as Philip Johnson (America), Gary Dourdon (CSI) and Camille Winbush (The Bernie Mac Show). We are also in talks with Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle), Peta Wilson (La Femme Nikita), among others. The movie does have expressed interest from directors George Tillman and Peter Hyams. “Figure” has already begun limited pre-production in January 2011. Once financing is obtained, we will be able to begin full pre-production and plan to begin principle photography in September 2012 in Michigan. We will seek out and employ industry professionals ensuring that T.S.’s vision is brought to life.

We are seeking the total development budget for “Figure” which is estimated at $500,000.00 and will achieve this by selling 10 units at $50,000.00 each. The budget will be used to secure talent and key crew members, to purchase a completion bond (provided by Film Finances, Inc.), and pay for the complete production of the film as well as allowing room for any area that has been under calculated. By releasing the film in late summer of 2013, Sleep Tight anticipates huge profits in its first few months of viewing enabling us to capitalize on the pre-summer blockbuster season leading into the holiday’s maximizing profitability.
We have formulated a strategic approach to market the project. The chief marketing objective for “Figure” centers around the design and implementation of a strategy that will cost-effectively deliver the product to the intended target market; those between the ages of 18 and 40. This will be achieved through a marketing plan consisting of the following tools: publicity, community outreach, advertising, art direction, radio promotion, music videos produced from the soundtrack, commercials, in theater trailers, new media, actor interviews and of course the internet by creating a website for the film.

The full business plan is attached which is the full plan for the movie which shows that we are seeking $7M USD. We are primarily seeking the development funds, but if any investor would like to invest in the project as a whole we would welcome that.

Competitive Advantage

The film industry is a very competitive business. What gives us the advantage is that we understand that people go to the movies to see a movie not who is in it. With a great marketing campaign that includes traditional and non-traditional methods failure of this project is highly unlikely.

Rationale for the deal

The film will be distributed domestically and internationally in theaters and then DVD, cable and new media outlets as secondary distributions allowing the maximum profit potential as well merchandise sales.

Use of financing

The money will be used to secure talent, the director, and key crew members as well open the company up for more funding with pre-sales.

Opportunity for the investor

120% ROI plus .5% per unit purchased.

Each unit has a value of .5% of the producers share of the film.

Example: If one investor invests 500K they are entitled to the whole 5% available to investors.

If the film grosses $50M USD the producers share would be $25M USD. The investors share would be $1,250,000 USD

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