Hip Hop Spring Break Concert with 2 US Top Music Artists. 100% ROI

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Funds will secure artist travel, lodging, venue, promotions, and deposits. Seats are 9k. We seek investment of 180k to return 360k 24hrs after event.

This project will provide entertainment to 200k students who will be in the area for their spring break. There is great opportunity for organizing such events every year since there are no longer any events of this magnitude during this high traffic time. We are looking to have the event on April 13th, 2013.

The artists Young Jeezy and Future are two of Americas top selling music artists. They have a continued track record of selling out venues of over 10,000 to 20,000 seats. Grammy award winner Young Jeezy signed to Def Jam by mega star Jay Z, and Future, a hot new top charting artist are both willing to perform at the concert.

Competitive Advantage

The advantage of such a event will be the ability to obtain celebraty endorsements and advertising. Advertisements will reach over 5 million people during the promotion of the event. During this promotion we will use the investors business logo on the promotional platform. We will also have recordings and video of the celebreties endorsing the investors business. By doing so this increases the volume of business for the investor with this particular market and those attached.

Rationale for the deal

We are offering to double the return for the investor with continued relationships. We must act on this project quickly in order to retain the current venue as well as to ensure that the artists do not become booked for the date that we are seeking to have the performance. We would need 35 days to promote, advertise, and market for the show, but we must have funds to secure the venue and artist. The return will be made within 24hrs after the performance.

Use of financing

The use of this funding is strategically created to not only facilitate fees ahead of time, but to secure nothing but profit for the return. By having all fees paid prior the event the funds that are gathered from the sell-out show will allow us to pay double on the return giving a 100% ROI. Now as we would like the investor to continue to participate with more projects we have that are just like this that will go on a 15 city tour we initially would like to show the capability to create a stream line of profits to build more confidence in our business relationship with the investor. We do have commitments from other artist that we did not consider in this initial process that have taken a liking to our structure and would very much liked to be involved. With the investors help we could turn what would be 360k in one night into 2 million per weekend and 8 million for the month.

Opportunity for the investor

• Investment of $180k
• Return of $360k
• Payback immediately after the event, after 35 days preparation

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