Independent Artist Seeking Investment to Foster Music Career

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I am an independent artist from the US, NYC. I am a hip-hop musician aiming to build a worldwide fan base for my musical endeavors.

I am seeking start up investment to be able to travel, record songs, register my hit records to billboard, promote my music, as well as provide jobs for those with knowledge that can contribute to my brand's success. We have already gained notice from DefJam Records.

We plan to start with our creative music and hit records to bring in our core fan base. From there we would branch to merchandise. We will begin to draw income from many platforms relating of our original plan, such as video games, books, records sales, ring tones, clothing lines, showcases, concerts, even sponsors, like popular beverages and apparel so the ROI is promising due to the fact that there are infinite opportunities for revenue.

This would sell in today's market because record labels are on the downfall and investors and corporations are getting the opportunity to enter the music industry and enable artists to control and own their music instead of giving the power and their money to the record labels. I know My Music will speak to fans from almost all age groups, especially those who are going through the same struggles as me. But because my music is so diverse we can even target those who are not looking to be embodied through their favorite song but just want something nice to listen, e.g. when they go dancing. Music speaks to us all differently. No matter what genre of music there is art out there that relates to our life in some way and serves as some kind of therapy or entertainment.

This project is already in its initial growth stage with my demo already released on some of the most popular and respected Mixtape outlets in America. We are gearing up for our much anticipated Mixtape, with so much more material to come next year.

The investment is needed for travel to maximize the brand of Eiko and my Movement. Funding is needed for industry collaborations, production cost, radio, street, club, and internet promotion, video production, street team incentives, embroidery, website optimization, studio and videography equipment, etc.

The investor will have myriad opportunities to get a return on his/her investment and have the ability to buy stock into the sub companies created after the residual income and the momentum of the artist are in place. There are many branches we plan to introduce, like books, games and other forms of entertainment.

Investor opportunity: The investor will be treated as a record executive until money is paid back and doubled and will be paid a profit share as per auditors' advice. Investors also has the option to be paid back gradually as our budget grows from the start up amount. I want to later create A company that is not subject to Music but almost all forms of entertainment.

Competitive Advantage

I have an advantage over the competitors because of me. I know that doesn’t sound substantial, but you can't tell that Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent or P.Diddy are not the reasons behind their own success. Without their hunger for success, their building of their brand they would have been nothing no matter how many investors or records they had. And this goes for me as well. I have all the tools I need to be successful. My music has a unique sound while also keeping up to date with what in the industry today. My entire plan is built around me and the team I have that will do anything to see this project through. I've done my research and I know what it takes to build a Brand. I have the right people in my corner. All I need it an investor to forward my plans. I also have an understanding of how to brand myself and my music. This business model cannot be duplicated because the key components are myself, my team, my music and you, the investor.

Rationale for the deal

Merchandise can be the Game Changer. Everyone wants to look or dress like their favorite Hip Hop artist. Most of the time rapper floss and wear some of the most expensive clothes money can buy. So, if we created our own brand of apparel, making our style (swag) popular through our music videos, then make our merchandise affordable fans get to look like their favorite Artist (me) without breaking the bank. Wiz Khalifah has probably one of the biggest merchandise following in the industry with his new Taylor Gang or Die Merchandise. Even Lil Wayne has invested in this form of business with his new line Trukfit. And everyone knows SeanJohn and RocaWear from P. Diddy and Jay-Z. I have 2 partners with great fashion minds that are committed to this project. Once I give them the Okay will launch our Swagg Gang Apparel line. Beginning with Shirts and Hats/Glasses we will later on have all forms of gear and accessories.

Use of financing

The funding is needed first and most for the production of music and promotion. From there we will build our fan base by traveling to different states and possibly countries performing concerts, tours and showcases. We will use the capital for branding and distributing of our merchandise.

Installment schedule: $9000-$12000 US dollars per month for 3-5 years or until the foundation of the business is complete. This may grow depending on our success in each yearly quarter.

Opportunity for the investor

I am Looking For Either a Debt Investment Or Equity Investment, Which Ever makes the Deal more desirable. I am Willing to Negotiate with investors on their Shares with an Equity Investment, unfortunately I am Not able to Give and Accurate percentage at this time. But With a Debt Investment, Investors are looking at a 3-5 Year payback period

Payback Period: The payback period can begin as soon as there is exponential profit from the business or Approximately 3 to 5 years or as needed.

ROI: The investor will be treated as a record executive until money is paid back and doubled and will be paid a profit share as per auditors' advice. The investor should see a double or more ROI as the business settles in and garners notoriety.

Installment schedule: $5000-$9000 US dollars per month for 3-5 years or until the foundation of the business if complete to start business.

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