Independent Feature Film Seeking Finance Completion

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This independent film project is a crime drama about two sons of an immigrant family trying to make a living in America and live the American dream. Fans of Crime Drama compose over 30% of the film going population. Funding will be used to complete Pre-Production and move forward with the completion of the feature film.

Our Strategy:

Our film project is developed from the ground up to maximize its appeal to the two primary target audiences: immigrant story fans and fans of crime-dramas. The methodology we are employing to successfully capture our target audience is as follows:

• Quality Story – The writers have successfully captured an authentic experience of immigrant culture and the life of a foreigner in a new and uncompromising land. Many of the instances of the story are based on personal experiences and experiences of associates of the authors. The story has been commented on and edited by several writers and producers.

• Attach Target Talent - To ensure maximum appeal of the primary target audiences for the film, the development team designed characters with actor profiles as the template. Each character has been meticulously developed to strengthen the story line and maximize audience appeal.

• Produce a Quality Film - on Time and on Budget – The production team assembled and committed to this project has a strong record of delivering quality projects on time, on budget. The film will be shot to ensure cost controls and take advantage of the film communities. The production team has secured significant concessions and has strong support for filming.

• Maximize Revenue Opportunities – The production team has assured the content created as part of the film project– including the film, soundtrack, interviews, outtakes and special features – are marketable materials that can be distributed to reach the maximum audience via theaters, DVD’s, and Internet Distribution. Revenue opportunities vary by distribution medium, but include gross box office sales, rentals, purchases, downloads and advertising revenue sharing.

Investment Opportunity

The film project is seeking $5,000,000 in investment capital for development, production, editing, initial promotion and distribution of the film, soundtrack and other content created. Investors in the film are expected to recoup 120% of the original investment before any other profits are distributed. The producers have accessed that the original content created for this film distributed effectively will gross in excess of $15 Million.

More information, such as cast, crew and more, can be given on request.

Competitive Advantage

This is an independent film and we have the advantage over other independent films because we have already obtained theatrical distribution for our film once it is completed through Archstone Distributions because one of our producers is an executive in this company. Obtaining theatrical distribution also guarantees the film will make greater revenue than if the film were to take other distribution routes. Furthermore, our project contains internationally known and recognizable talent, making it more likely to attract audiences worldwide.

Rationale for the deal

The advantage of a low-budget independent feature film such as this one is that with an international distribution deal, it is very likely to make a great profit from box office sales. As mentioned before, we have a distribution deal through Archstone. As an independent film, there are several examples of similarly budgeted films that were very profitable.

Profitable Indies under $10M:

“Little Miss Sunshine” - Budget at $8M, grossed $59M to date
“Garden State” - Budget $2.5M, grossed $35M to date
“Clerks 2” - Budget $5M, grossed $26M

Our team is made up of experienced veterans of the film industry, from our producers to award winning and nominated editor, direct of photography and production staff. Some of our crew have been a part of Oscar winning and nominated films. Many are film graduates of world renowned film schools such as NYU and USC. We have a diverse background of television and film production experience. Our team is more than prepared to handle an independent film production.

Opportunity for the investor

Low budget films, such as this one, offer a unique opportunity to capitalize on the entertainment industry whereas bigger budget films are much more likely to lead to an investment loss. With a distribution deal in hand, this sort of independent film looks to create a very successful return on investments.

Profit Sharing offering to investors:

Once the film has been theatrically released, earnings are generated by gross ticket sales, i.e. box office revenue. Typically, theaters subtract their share of the box office revenue and remit the remaining revenues to the distributor. On average, this is a 50/50 split between the exhibitors and the distributor. The distributor then takes a share from its portion of the theatrical revenue to cover the prints and advertising (P&A) expenses, and keeps a commission, usually averaging 30%. The remaining amount represents the production company’s revenues. The gross revenues will be paid to the investors as “first money out” until their initial investment plus an additional 20% is recouped.

Our current production schedule sees Principal Photography beginning in mid- to late-April of 2013.

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