Indoor Sports Facility and Sports League Investment Opportunity

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Funding will be used for land acquisition and two phases of construction. Investors will get 47% percent (negotiable) as well as interest on the investment.

Next League Miami Inc. Multi sports indoor sports facility and sports league.

The business will focus on creating a league for kids who love the game and for students ranging all ages that never played to their full potential. This league will give athletes a professional feel for the game.

The complex includes 2-level building with 2 football fields, 4 indoor basketball/volleyball courts, 3 soccer fields, a weight room with gym, an Olympic pool, and over 84,000SF of retail space.

The market targeted is the county schools, students who play for fun, and anyone interested in joining a league.

The first year while the construction is at phase 1, revenue will come from hosting tournaments, signing memberships, and from sponsors. Once the phase one is complete we are currently negotiating with the county to host the sports for 20 local schools. The contract so far is 190 million for 20 years, each school paying $500,000. The first year $8,000,000 down is being negotiated. Aside from memberships, revenue will come in from rental space, hosting events and concerts, summer camps, sponsors, and growing to hosting all schools in the county and expanding north to other counties.

Key milestones are to develop each player’s technique and skills to make them become self-confident, creative and able to thrive in a team environment. Providing the opportunity and visibility for those players for college and scholarships and encourage high academic standards.

The project needs $130,000,000 for full construction, operation, payroll and other start-up costs. 47% percent equity (negotiable) is offered as perpetuity on the initial investment. The payback period is projected to be 3 years. And ROI is also negotiable.

Competitive Advantage

Our competitive edge that differentiates us from the rest of the sports complexes and recreational parks is our ability to reach out to the community and help other sport programs succeed by supplying them with equipment, state of the art facility and the feel of a professional game. Our competitors are small parks and leagues that don't offer the products and services we do.

Use of financing

$27,000,000 is needed for phase 1 to start the construction and land acquisition from owners. Revenue will start during phase 1 with tournaments, sponsors, and memberships.

Phase 2 is the completion and $102,000,000 will be needed to finish the construction, payroll, property management, utilities, and operating capital.

Opportunity for the investor

The investment opportunity for the investor will be very attractive. We are looking for partners as well as investors. We will offer 47% ( negotiable) as well as perpetuity.

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