Investor is Needed. Name of Television Series: The Wild Rose Inn

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Please email me for our full executive summary on our television project.

Our production company is associated with Albuquerque Studios in New Mexico, where the filming will take place for our television series.

The 3 million we receive from an investor will be used for a variety of purposes including: hiring personnel, purchasing filming equipment, various operating costs, etc,

Any investor that invests with us, will receive equity in the project as well as a no risk guarantee, that there investment is safe and secure. upon investing, we will place the land title for a piece of commercial real estate in the investor or investors company name, thus insuring there is no risk of loss or any downside to the investor. our main goal is to repay the investor in no more than 36 months, maximum, but could be sooner.

The investor, can be an active participant in the television series or a silent partner, depending on what his preference is.

Rationale for the deal

We have had our executive summary and all information in said summary closely inspected by numerous executives in the Hollywood industry, and have concluded that the project is not only feasible, but will be a very lucrative investment for any investor who comes on board with us. We dont believe any other market players are currently producing or filming any similar television projects, our project is totally unique.

Use of financing

Our media based production company, located in New Mexico, will use the 3 million for seed financing and start-up operations for filming, purchasing equipment, etc,,

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