Major Rising Entertainment Agency Seeks Capital to Expand Operations

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our entertainment agency - SMG - needs capital to pay for travel expenses to travel and recruit industry leading clients and provide salaries to our marketing staff to acquire business deals on behalf of our industry leading client roster.

SMG provides niche industry marketing outside the box. Examples are the deals we have done with start-up businesses for endorsement, licensing and sponsorship deals where our clients can gross five time the potential income on getting paid on the back end of a deal compared to an upfront endorsement fee as well as the constant personal attention our client managers are able to provide by being limited to 10 clients each in representation compared to large service management firms whom have client managers managing 30+ clients each.

Due to the personal attention we provide the world's top talent now chooses SMG. SMG's market is in individual top level sports franchises, governing bodies of sport, events in sports and entertainment as well as individual talent representation to the stars and tomorrow's stars. In addition, SMG represents industry leading clients for naming rights as well as television and media rights.

This operation will be a joint venture between the investor and SMG as business partners. The investor will be paid back in full within 3 years plus a 10% interest rate on ROI.

Competitive Advantage

SMG's business model works uniquely as all of our competitors do not limit the amount of clients each agent at their brand can represent for management and our competitors do not think outside the box like we do at SMG. By limiting each SMG agent to manage up to 10 clients SMG can provide consistent personal attention and better services while providing more effective management to our clients individual needs.

SMG currently is established with agents in 5 countries globally and manages around 50 global leading sports and entertainment clients.

Rationale for the deal

SMG will make revenues out of the deal by charging 10% of our clients' yearly prize monetary earnings for managing their unique talent as well as grossing revenues on a percentage of our clients' sponsorship, licensing, endorsement deals, appearances, exhibitions, pro-am's and speaking engagements along with other revenue-creating ideas. Our competitors already gross billions of dollars per year in revenues as well as our clients do the same on their own with in-house marketing with our franchise and event clients.

Use of financing

The use of financing will go to the following:

- Pay staff salaries, so that SMG can gross constant revenues around the clock weekly, monthly and yearly.

- Provide travel expenses for our agents to travel with our clientele and to effectively recruit new clients at leading entertainment and sporting events globally.

- Provide health care and other services to our agents and staff.

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