Music Production Company Seeks Financial Aid For Marketing

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Investment Opportunity

Third Nature Music Group, LLC is a music production company. We are seeking funds to assist in the marketing of the music single for the company's music artist.

We are comprised of team mates with several years experience in music theory, audio production, promotions, booking and urban dance/choreography. We are guided by a classically trained musician, music producer, songwriter and choreographer. Holding valuable experience and training in retail business and financial management, he also serves as the organization’s CEO. Our team has the necessary background and talent to create competitive music for the commercial: pop, top 40, urban r&b, and hip hop markets.

With having fully, personally financed the initial phases of the development, production, and marketing of our first key music artist, our team has escalated the movement and are steps away from launching a high-leveled marketing campaign. We require $80K to fully fund the secondary phase of our first music artist’s marketing campaign. This initiative will enable our team to exponentially grow the awareness of both the company and our artist’s brand to our target demographic.

Aside from our major competitors, the one factor that could make or break our company is commercial acceptance of our product; i.e. music artist and music. It has been proven time and time again that regardless of the music artist's level of talent or whether or not the music is "artistically sound", with enough funds pushing a campaign the product will generate enough attention to create profitability. Of course that route isn't the best because of the low profit margins. Luckily for us, our team has the background and capabilities to satisfy both the artistic aspect and commercial viability of our product.

Therefore, we always run small tests and have "soft openings" with any of our releases. Small budgets are first allocated towards each marketing resource in order to ensure that each dollar is effectively obtaining acceptable results, prior to releasing the full budgeted amount.

In this case, we propose that 25% of our requested funds be allocated for a "soft opening", to ensure the campaign will be launched in the proper direction. Should the project prove to be a success, the investor will have the option to purchase more equity in the organization.

We are selling equity at $10K for 5% stake in the company with a maximum of 40% stake.

Provided that all sources are utilized and the marketing plan is pushed into full effect, the initial investment will yield a 150% growth within six months. We will have the ability to repay the amount within a six-month period and disburse equity shares within twelve months.

We greatly appreciate your time and interest in becoming a part of an advancement in the growth of the entertainment and music industries. We hope that you will be able to believe in our talents to entertain the world through both sight and sound.

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